Grand County Real Estate Transactions |

Grand County Real Estate Transactions

RiverAcres 2nd Addn Mountain Meadows Block 4, Lots 1,12 – Grand Mountain Bank FSB to Brendan and Kerri Hager, $35,000

Trail Creek Estates 2nd Filing, Lot 70 – Peter and Nancy Hamilton to Trevor and Darlene Altman, $371,000

Evans Subdivision Lot 8, Block 2 – Scott Cleveland to Kathleen Young, $262,000

FIC Addition Kremmling Minor Sub FP Block 17, Lot 8-10, Lots 1,18,19,20,21, Block 34 – Cynthia Eller to Henry Cordova, $199,000

Innsbruck-Val Moritz Lot 97, Block 14 – John and Karla Tartz to Joe and Kelli Trent, $380,000

Innsbruck-Val Moritz Lot 15, Block 12 – Patrick and Vicky Engelhardt to John and Geraldine Majerus, $524,000

Silver Vista Condos Unit 4, Bldg A – Frederick and Adeline Kerstiens to Mary Ann Kerstiens, $152,500

Lakeridge Subdivision Filing 1, Lot 4 – Bennett Lesnick Family Trust to Michial and Susan Rau, $362,500

Sawmill Station Townhomes Phase 2, Unit 14A – Dennis MacDonald and Christine Johnson to Bradley and Naomi Suinn, $470,000

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