Grand County Real Estate transactions |

Grand County Real Estate transactions

Transaction from June 25 to July 1.

Hi Country Haus Bldg 14, Unit 20 – David and JoAnne Draper to Joan Brown, $160,000

Granby Ranch Filing 8, Lot 15 – Edward and Andrea Weber to Gregory Russo, $36,500

Iron Horse Building C, Condo Unit 2063 – Zachary and Suzanna Street to John and Della Crone, $153,000

Moose Run Sub & Outright Exemption Lot 19 – Theresa Dardenne to Shawn Kelly, $270,000

Inn at SilverCreek PH II Condo Unit 468 – Christopher Longshore and Jill Jolton to Heather Werth and Darlene Ford, $52,500

Kings Crossing Solar Condo Townhomes Unit 12, Bldg 3 – Eric Kent and Janet Lindow to Charles Stafford, $315,600

Creekside at Winter Park Condo Unit 502 – Damon Martin and Angie L Perry Martin to Aimee Barnes, $315,000

Wolf Park Townhome FP Lot C3 – Gary and Lucy Dunlap to Douglas Bryan, $412,000

East Mountain Filing 6, Lot 124 – Stephen and Kathleen Whitney to Matthew and Margot McKee, $545,000

Double Diamond Ridge Sub Ex Lot 3 – John and Ann Hurrell 2008 Family Trust, John Hurrell 2008 Family Trust, Ann Hurrell 2008 Family Trust to David and Terri Schmille, $759,900

Old Park Filing #5, Lot 1, Block C – Bryan and Margaret Wass to Dianna Lytle and Donald McGraw, $460,000

Grand Country Estates 1st Addition TRT 73 – Karen and Philip Delvecchio Jr to Turner Fountain, $280,000

Mulligan Townhomes As Built Unit 1, Bldg A – James Conley to Sarah Thomas, $432,500

East Mountain Filing 7, Lot 84 – Rendezvous Homes LLC to Sylvia Hensley, $550,282.53

Scanloch Block 11, Lots 8,9,10 – David Barnes to John and Kristin Schiechl, $51,000

Shadow Park West Condo II, Unit 10F – A K and Diana Wheeker to Colton and Shannon Schliep, $205,000

Grand Lake Estates 1st Filing Lot 15, Block 9 – William B Anderson Revocable Living Trust to Megan Brockel, $90,000

Iron Horse Building D, Condo Unit 3054 – Patrick Hoyt to Boyd and Jeryl Lennberg, $154,900

East Mountain Filing 7, Lot 103 – Andrew Day and Kimberly Daly to Robert and Polly Winner, $585,000

TRT C Partial Legal – See Document – San Toy Land Company LLC to Middlefork LLC, $250,000

Weimer Addition to Hot Sulphur Springs Lot 4 – Randy and Marcia McIntosh to Alan Klein, $329,000

Shadow Lake Villas Subdivision Lot 3 – LSF9 Master Participation Trust, Caliber Real Estate Services LLC to Poot Thai Gheng LLC, $1,000,000

Base Camp One Condos Unit 112R – Jason and Stacey Bearden to Robert and Aimee Frankel, $302,000

Fairways at Pole Creek PH 1 & Open Space Lot 3 45 – Mary Catherine Fosnacht Revocable Trust and Fred M Fosnacht Revocable Trust to Stanley and Margery Johnson, $1,550,000

Broken Wagon Wheel Estates Minor Lot 3B – BWW Lot 3 LLC to Kent Homes LLC, $87,500

Trail Creek Estates 3rd Filing Lot 105 – Michael and Katie Eastman to Kendall and Jessica Rahn, $320,000

Colorado Anglers Club #1, Lot 11, Block 1 – Buttermilk LLC to Deulley Family Trust, $32,500

Shoreline Landing Subdivision Filing 2-A, Lot 13 – Philip Stoffel and Patricia Hughey to Philip and Linda Wetz, $660,000

Grand Meadows Granby Lot 33, Block 4 – Zachary and Kacie Sawatzky to Frank Gomez, $215,100

TRT D Partial Legal – See Document – Harvat Land LLC to Middlefork LLC, $299,000

East Mountain Filing 5, Lot 107 Partial Legal – See Document/Includes Water Rights – See Document/Includes Mineral Rights – Rendezvous Colorado LLC to 1851 Pioneer Trail LLC, $130,000

Dietrich Addition to Kremmling Block 8, Lots 9,10,11 – J D Ward to Agnieszka Swisshelm and Jason Mailloux, $215,000

Mountainside at SilverCreek C U 111 Timeshare 111515 – David and Helen Perry, Kris Cunnane to David and Helen Perry, Kris Cunnane, Robyn Perry, $500

Parker Outright Exemption & Sub Exempt Lot 2 – Cathy Anne Hayes Revocable Trust to David and Constance Nosler, $209,000

Pole Creek Valley Subdivision Lot 28 – John and Sheila Kitlen to Nancy and James Labelle Jr, $525,000

East Mountain Filing 6, Lot 112 – CLB Property Enterprises LLC to John and Michelle Moran, $575,000

Winter Park Ranch 3rd Filing Lot 8, Block 1 – John and Bambi Statz to Francis and Christine Kveton, $665,000

Pole Creek Meadows Lot 7, Block 4 – Paul Smith and Julie Stephens to John and Sheila Kitlen, $999,000

Pine Beach Subdivision Hillside Addn Lot 2, Block 2 – James and Alida Bakarich to Donald and Jennifer Finley, $20,000

Innsbruck-Val Moritz Sub Lot 85, Block 14 – Dennis and Cheryl Crary to Preston and Alana Dennis, $520,000

Shores of Shadow Mountain FP Lot 54 – Samuel and Patricia Howarth to Gary and Suzanne Jaeger, $498,500

Pine Beach Subdivision Hillside Addn Lot 1, Block 2 – James and Alida Bakarich to Donald and Jennifer Finley, $275,000

Frosty Acres Units 41,42 – Mary and Thomas Urban Jr to Urbans Weathertop LLC, $185,625

Wintermoor Townhouses 1st Unit 2 – Gregory Byrd to John and Tracy Soukup, $319,900

Shadow Park West Condo VI Unit 15C – Jeanne E Gillis Trust and Gene R Gillis Trust to Duane and Matilda McVay, $186,102

Columbine Lake Lot 122, Block 8 – Theodore and Emily Warm to Christian and Catherine Dore, $295,000

Trail Creek Estates 3rd Filing Lot 138; Trail Creek Estates 2nd Filing Lot 78 – The Franco Serafini Trust and The Terasa Serafini Trust to Daniel and Linda Haley, $343,500

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