Grand County real estate transactions, Aug. 13-19 |

Grand County real estate transactions, Aug. 13-19

Transactions from Aug. 13 to Aug. 19.

Grand View Park AFP Lots 35,47 – Joseph Reinke and Joel Dekanich to Mitchell and Margaret Greene, $338,000

Soda Springs Ranch Condominiums Unit 3E – The Berene E Epp Living Trust and The Edgar K Epp Living Trust to James Rosiere, $160,000

Mountainside at SilverCreek B U 34 Timeshare 034113 – Michael and Kathleen Enfield to Mark and Mindy Enfield, $500

Kings Crossing Solar Condo Townhomes Unit 4 – Jennifer and Susan Combs, Thomas Vesey and Susan Russell to Marc Lawson and Jennifer Kikla, $334,000

Sawmill Station Townhomes Unit 8E, Phase 5 – Donald and Ann Zimmer to Gerald and Janet Hraban, $469,650

Esmiol Subdivision Exemption Lot 1 – Colorado 4-H Foundation Inc to Anthony and Nicole Scott, $87,500

East Mountain Filing 7, Lot 118 – Rendezvous Homes LLC, Koelbel Company to Steven Grandchamp, $604,823.47

Twin Rivers Condo Unit 2, Bldg James – Phyllis Sjoren to Ben Molk, $200,000

Inn at SilverCreek PH II Condo Unit 653 Weeks 5,6,17,18 26,27 – Donald and Deborah Reeves to Thomas and William Hart, $1,250

Inn at SilverCreek PH II Condo Unit 653 Weeks 7,8,28,29,39 – Robert and Beverly Good to Thomas and William Hart, $1,250

Valley at Winter Park Subdivision Lot 43 – The Duchesne Living Trust, Laverna Render to Scott and Ann Schleisman, $80,000

Cozens Pointe at Grand Park Unit 103, Bldg 1; Cozens Pointe at Grand Park Bldg 1, Garage Unit C – Cozens Pointe LLC to Jason and Virginia Shank, $446,625

Village at Elk Track 2nd Filing Grand Elk Ranch & Club Lot 44 – KGE LLC to Roger and Anna Madrid, $340,000

SEC 23 TWP 3N R 76W Partial Legal – See Document – Laurence and Brigitte Rua to Stephen Dillenbeck Revocable Living Trust, $129,000

East Mountain Filing 9, Lot 10; East Mountain Filing 9, Unit 10G – Rendezvous Homes LLC to Ethan and Sasha Warlick, $475,551

Himebaughs 1st Addition Hot Sulphur Springs Block 4, Lots 3,4,5,6,7 – Casandra and Robin Milstead to Lawrence and Rebecca Stephens, $385,000

SilverCrest Condo Unit 201, Bldg D – Elisha Bartlett to Thomas and Theresa Bever, $215,000

Elk Run Winter Park Sub Flg 1, Lot 2 – Mark Poletti and Ira Barron to Timothy and Colleen Dunne, Richard and Kimberly Weintraub, $167,000

Stonebridge at the Creek Lot 2 – Jose and Vickie DeLeon to Robert and Merilee Bergstrom, $400,000

Wolverine Ridge Condos Unit 5 – Christopher George and Way Shen to Sam Redfield, $309,900

Pines at Meadow Ridge Court D, Unit 7, Week 29 – J Mark and Susan Hartmeister to Matthew and Renae Hartmeister, $500

Shadow Park West Unit 5C – Richard Chilton and Tara Drummond to Bryan and Jon Willert, Jennie Edwards, $202,000

Valley at Winter Park Subdivision Lot 26 – Von Der Heiden Trust to Timothy and Pennie Hattey, $74,900

Granby Ranch Filing 1B Lot 8 – Partial Legal – See Document/Includes Easements – Lisa Shelley to Eric and Amy Arnold, $629,900

Columbine Lake Lot 40, Block 6 – Thomas and Mary Murray to Rebecca Brentlinger, $477,000

Sunset Ridge Estates Subex 3&4, Lot 15 – Byron and Melinda Besse to Matthew Hayden and Amelia Alpaugh, $1,640,000

Village at Wildhorse Grand Elk Ranch & Club Lot E21 – Michael Milnark to Jamie Peth, $8,250

Val Moritz Village 1st Filing Lot 18, Block 4 – James and Lisanne Smith to Margaret Reed, $48,000

Cozens Pointe at Grand Park Unit 202, Bldg B; Cozens Pointe at Grand Park Bldg B, Garage Unit C – Geoffrey Waters to Thomas and Susan Morrison, $409,900

Edgewater Resort The Second Administrative Replat of Lot 16 – Gregory Wambolt to Max and Diane Vaughan, $385,000

Alpine Acres Sub Block 1, Lots 13,14 – Melissa Thamann to Matthew and Cindy Dorn, $415,000

Meadow Ridge Lodges Court 19, Unit 1 – David Foster to Michael and Monica Graves, $270,000

Grand Meadows Granby Lot 10, Block 4 – Simcox LLC to Zachary and Susan Luchs, $225,000

Winter Park Meadows Condo Unit 1B – Richard and Frances Liberali to Russell and Angelia Pennington, $64,000

Blue Valley Acres Unit #2, Lot 4, Block 11 – Keith Eggleston to Nicole Luse, $380,000

East Mountain Filing 9, Lot 16; East Mountain Filing 9, Unit 16G – Rendezvous Homes LLC to Claudia Tuttle Hoffman, $429,269

Cozens Pointe at Grand Park Unit 102, Bldg I – Cozens Pointe LLC to Richard and Francis Liberali, $334,179

Columbine Lake Lot 41, Block 10 – Richard and Leslie Bishop to Jeffrey and D Layne Kerr, $640,000

Kicking Horse Lodges Unit 104, Bldg 4 – David and Marcielle Sardinta to Dustin and Veronica Starkey, $159,000

Base Camp One Condos Unit 410R – John P Siplon Revocable Trust to Jason Newman, Sarah Gordon, Ronnie and Sidney Todd, $390,000

Winter Park Ranch 3rd Filing Lot 59, Block 1 – David and Nancy Kerr to Ryan Massa, $721,500

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