Grand County Real Estate Transactions – Dec 6-12 |

Grand County Real Estate Transactions – Dec 6-12

Himebaughs 1st Addition Hot Sulphur Springs Block 4, Lots 30,31,32,33,34 – Ramm Homesteads LLC to Max L Webel Living Trust and Kathryn M Webel Trust, $350,000

Summit at SilverCreek Bldg 1, Unit 1101 – Stanford Meyer to Kelly Waldron, $54,000

Seaton Outright Exemption Lots 13,14; Columbine Lake Block 7, Lots 13,14 – Fleetwood and Loan Douglas to John and Stacy Dipetrillo, $249,250

Ridgewood Condos Unit B – Donald V Jernberg Revocable Trust to David and Leslie Ornstein, $265,000

East Mountain Filing 2, Lot 53 – Eric and Kimberly Smith to Todd and Lori Logan, $539,900

Winter Park Village Lot 3, Block 10 – Karine O Scott Trust to Tara Raposo, $285,000

Peaks Townhouse Unit 1, Bldg 1 – Thomas and Theresa Wheeler to Mark Beaudry, $164,900

Chalet Condo Unit 3 – Merrie S Sims Living Trust to Emily Hefel, $137,000

Granby Ranch Filing 2B, Lot 48 – Kim and Rhonda Carver to Alexander and Douglas Brahl, $475,000

Blue Valley Acres Lot 7, Block 2 – Brandon Ray and Preston Puchek to Regina Anzueto, $100,000

Granby Ranch Filing 5 First Administrative Plat Lot 5 – Justin and Kelly Cumming to Kris and Elizabeth Barber, $332,500

Granby Ranch Filing 3, Lot 38 – Nicholas and Cathy Raible to Justin and Kelly Cumming, $580,000

SEC 28 TWP 1S R 78W Partial Legal – See Document – US Bank Trust National Association LSF7 NPL V Trust, US Bank Trust National Association Caliber Home Loans Inc to Encampment LLC, $295,000

Pine Beach Subdivision Lot 3, Block 3 – Arlene Graham to Robert and Margaret Haines, $235,000

Granby Ranch Filing 1, Lots 33,GT33 – DLCLAC Trust to Charles and Christl Setchell, $440,000

Bear Crossing Town Homes Lot 24 – Carol E Kerr Revocable Trust to Dana and Erin Hunt, $475,000

Trail Creek Estates 3rd Filing Unit 105 – Wayne and Valerie Brainerd to Michael and Katie Eastman, $298,000

Village at Wildhorse Grand Elk Ranch & Club Lot E12; SEC 7 TWP 1N R 76W Partial Legal – See Document – PBM Asset Management Inc to Steven Vandevoren II and Michelle Rainville, $11,000

Shorewood Subdivision Lot 19, Block 3 – Hagen Family Trust to Shaul and Emily Hagen, $268,000

Old Park Filing #2, Lot 3, Block D – Rita Christensen to ROI Properties LLC, $17,500

Old Park Filing #2, Lot 3, Block D – ROI Properties LLC to Daniel and Alishia Sprague, $23,000

Elk Court Cabins Lot 1 – Winter Park Elk Court Escapes LLC to Bradley and Katie Kelley, $575,000

Forest Meadows Solar Community Lots I,II,III – Winter Boat LLC to Fraser Valley Center, LLC, $3,870,400.63

Silverado I Condo Unit 304, Bldg A – Michael J Shanahan to Richard and Joy Smith, $173,700

Telemark Condominiums Unit 562, Bldg C – Arete Investors LLC, Curzon Rev Trust to Derrell Durrett, $127,500

East Mountain Filing 7, Lot 111 – Rendezvous Homes LLC to Gordon and Paula Stuart, $543,890

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