Grand County real estate transactions, from Dec. 16-22 |

Grand County real estate transactions, from Dec. 16-22

Transactions from Dec. 16-22, 2018.

Eagle Ridge on the Summit-PH 1, Unit 5, Bldg Alpenglo – Lisa Hillyer, Lisa and George Callos Jr to Dana Skinner, $152,000

Mountainside at SilverCreek B U 42 Timeshare 042152 – Lambert Family Trust to Mountainside SilverCreek Timeshare Association, $500

Trailhead Lodges Lodge 5, Unit 511 – Matthew and LeeAnn Hayen to Alexander Rabke and Morgan Loflin, $522,500

Winter Park Village Lot 5, Block 3 – David Woida Living Trust and Debra Woida Living Trust to Jason and Heather Vieth, $209,900

Byers View Townhomes Unit 4 – Lawrence Smith to James Hackbarth and Gretchen Storm, $382,500

Inn at SilverCreek PH II Condo Unit 554 – Nicole and Sandra Milne, William Davis to Sarah Frazee, $78,000

Winter Park Preserve Lot 6 – Summit Legend Preserve Inc to 108 Preserve Way LLC, $225,000

North Shore Subdivision Lot 22 – Church Lomax Trust to Wouter and Loriene Fontyn, $85,500

Winter Park Lodge II Bldg C, Unit 202 – Frank Handwork to Alison Heinrich, $269,000

Blue Valley Acres Lot 5, Block 4 – Morris and Katy Vogel to Daniel and Shannon Hassan, $80,000

Mountainside at SilverCreek C U 86 Timeshare 086542 – Kevin and Stephanie Johnson to Bridget Wilson, Dean Wehrung and Dalton Tnguna, $500

Valley at Winter Park Subdivision Lot 10 – Randall Touchton to John Maloney and Emily McCourt, $576,000

Beaver Village Flg #3, Bldg 11, Unit 101 – John Slaton to Renee Garcia, Brian Nuel, John Rodgers and Laura Belanger, $391,000

Starview Condo Unit 2 – Douglas Kennard to Lauren Lay, $280,000

Hi Country Haus Bldg 5, Unit 16 – David Derrington to Daniel and Rachel Rohner, $205,000

Mountainside at SilverCreek B U 69 – Donald and Diane Hoffman to Fabio and Sarah Massena, $260,000

Playtor Filing Lot 6A, Block 5, Val Moritz Second Filing 1st AMD – Stephan and Joyce Playter to Cyrus and Danica Severance, $65,000

Waterside Sub Block 1 Ridge Waterside Lot 4C, Block 2, AFP 4A,4B,4C – Linda Carr and Mikel Tennant to Craig and Sherrie Swadburg, $458,000

Hideaway Station Unit TN 7; Hideaway Station Parking Space R7 – Winter Park Development Co LLC to Scott and Heidi Davis, $519,900

Hideaway Station Unit TN 6; Hideaway Station Parking Space R6 – Winter Park Development Co LLC to Bo and Bernadette Johnson, $519,400

Winter Park Highlands Unit 2, Lot 11 AFP Lots 10,11 – Richard and Carolyn Sunderland to Kevin and Nina Molk, $618,000

Lake Forest 1st Addn Subdivision Lot 14, Block 4 – Jody Calton to Wade and Elizabeth Payne, $162,000

Winter Park Lodge II, Bldg A, Unit 201 – Craig and Sherrie Swadburg to Garrett Gibbons, $335,000

Y-Lee Subdivision Lot 23, Block 1 – Craig Parten to John and Dianne Hammer, $368,000

Grand Lake Estates 2nd Filing Lot 7, Block 12 – Wagor of Colorado LLC to Brian and Kelly Baillie, $190,000

Elk Creek at Grand Park Filing No 4, Lot 36 – Grand Park Homes LLC to Jason Burkey-Skye, $645,355

Grand Estates Sub Exempt Lot 1 – Jennie Cooper to Richard and Carolyn Sunderland, $740,000

Hideaway Station Unit TN 3 – Winter Park Development Co, LLC to Tyler Reeser, $538,800

Granby Ranch 6, Lot 10 – Tyler and Claire Van Eps, Andrew and Allison Draayer, Tyler and Claire Vaneps to John and Linda Gillogley, Megan and Andrew Ruder, $57,500

Kicking Horse Lodges Unit 302, Bldg 8 – Regina Kolc to Shawn Feldman, $315,000

East Mountain Filing 7, Lot 14 – Rendezvous Homes LLC to Kevin and Penelope Cavanaugh, $763,061.95

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