Grand County real estate transactions, from June 3-June 9 |

Grand County real estate transactions, from June 3-June 9

Transactions from June 3 to June 9, 2018.

Timbers Condominiums Unit 5, Bldg 4; Timbers Condominiums Garage Space No 5 – Ashley Diaz to Joseph and Sarah Noernberg, $269,000

Sawmill Station Townhomes Lot 1A, Phase I – CE LLC to Rebecca Cramer, Tracy Voglund, Jessica and Anthony Prenni, $610,000

Mountainside at SilverCreek B U 42 – Susan Cunningham to Mountainside SilverCreek Timeshare Association, $500

Frosty Acres Lot 21 – Paul and Christina Sletten to SOFSMC LLC, $685,000

East Mountain Filing 2, Lot 75 – Coby and Sandra Crawford to Brian and Marie Wiedner, $725,000

Lakeview at Waterside West Condominiums Unit 301, Bldg D – Bruce and Carolyn Ryman to Jan and Samantha Albicki, $250,000

Cairns Addition to Grand Lake Lots 32,33,34 – Alexander, Mary, Daniel and Stephanie Lagerborg to 518 Cairns Ave LLC, $1,800,000

Silversage Subdivision Lot 13, Block 1 – Alice Myerly to Christopher and Diana Nath, $32,500

Lakeside at Pole Creek Townhomes Unit 5A – Trudy C Rozas Trust to Gerald Nissen, $550,000

Base Camp One Condos Unit 411R – Dennis and Erin Granberry to James and Shelley Boberschmidt, $470,000

Slopeside Village Unit 1, Bldg K – Jill and Timothy Kinney to Leland Lemesany, $1,075,000

Willows at Grand Park Filing No 3, Lot 51 – Grand Park Homes LLC to Douglas and Mary Golliher, $473,453

Ptarmigan Hills Condo Unit 1, Bldg A – Kimberly Gannett and Kyle Mathews to Hannah Nordhaus and Brent Barkett, $115,000

Snowblaze Bldg E, Condo Unit 219 – Yong Zhou to Clavette Family Trust, $153,000

Val Moritz Village 2nd Filing Lot 11, Block 3 – Wild Places Inc to Derek and Heather Ruth, $47,500

SEC 22 TWP 3N R 76W Partial Legal – See Document – Thomas A Gudenkauf Revocable Trust and Judith C Gudenkauf Revocable Trust to North Bottoms LLC, $155,000

Kremmling Country Addition Lot 3, Block 2 – Erick and Kyndra Gore to Rebecca Greenaway, $277,000

Granby Ranch 8, Lot 18 – ICYYARD7 LLC to New Age Development Group, $46,000

Snowblaze Bldg A, Condo Unit 22 – Linda Read to Jacob Gelfand, $353,000

Soda Springs Ranch Filing 2, Unit A1, TRT F – Larry Trust, Glenda Trust, Larry Glenda Trust to Kevin and Pamela Ortell, $224,000

Hinchcliffe Minor Subdivision Lot 7B – Vicki Hinchcliffe to Steve and Kirsten Lassa, $289,000

The Willows at Grand Park Filing No 3, Lot 55 – Grand Park Homes LLC to Justin and Sarah Van Houten, $496,510

Mountain Terrace Townhomes Lot 5 – Daniel and Chiesen-Shun Brindle to Gregory and Lauren Stadjuhar, $720,000

East Mountain Filing 2, Lot 7 – Henry and Patricia Bradford to Stephen and Stuart Smith, $811,700

Columbine Lake Lot 100, Block 8 – Julie and Todd Smoots, Anne Bremner to Laurie Halvorson, $423,000

East Mountain Filing 4, Lot 4 – Jeffery and Emily Poore to Arthur and Marla Martinez, $860,000

Moose Run Sub & Outright Exemption Lot 11 – David E Dines 2012 Colorado QPRT and Margaret K Dines 2012 Colorado QPRT to Randy Phipps, $1,272,000

Hi Country Haus Bldg 26, Unit 2 – Daniel Schalek to Thomas Hundtoft, $184,000

Granby Business Center & Condominium Map Lot 2, Unit A & Unit 7 – EM Granby Partners LLC to Granby Business Center Partners LLC, $450,000

Innsbruck-Val Moritz Sub Lot 53, Block 17 – Janice and Ronald Haas Jr to Lanny and Dana Bennefeld, $40,000

Mountainside at SilverCreek B U 25 Timeshare 025139, 025145 – Claude and Aline Gibson to Claude Gibson and Ashley Tamaru, $500

Mountainside at SilverCreek B U 68 Timeshare 068220 – Charles and Mary Terrill to Andrew and Stephanie Moore, $500

Villa Harbor Subdivision Block 1, Lots 20,21 – Debra Carringer, Linda Bell, Judi Lee to Bell Crest Enterprises LLLP, $500

Villa Harbor Subdivision Block 1, Lots 20,21,22,23 Second Amended Final Plat – Bell Crest Enterprises LLLP to Larry Page, $1,868,000

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