Grand County real estate transactions, from March 25-31 |

Grand County real estate transactions, from March 25-31

Transactions from March 25 to 31, 2018.

Powderhaus Townhomes Lot C – Peter and Jill Linsley to Justin and Robyn Korkus, $375,000

Colorado Anglers Club #1, Lot 8, Block 8 – Natalya Itu to Fawn and Katrina Calvin-Braley, $29,000

Lichen Ranch Subdivision TRT 2 – Donald and Mary White to White Family Trust, $500

Mountainside at SilverCreek B U 13 Timeshare 013112 – Catherine L Case Living Trust to Mountainside SilverCreek Timeshare Association, $500

Lakeridge Subdivision Flg #3, Lot 56 – Mark and Cynthia Eyolfson to Jason and Stacey Zondor, $64,000

Willows at Grand Park Filing No 3, Lot 35 – Grand Park Homes LLC to Michael Featherman, $451,955

Willows at Grand Park Filing No 3, Lot 36 – Grand Park Homes LLC to Andrew and Kristin Beck, $562,022

Vaquero Subdivision Lot 2 – Vaquero Granby Partners LP, Vaquero Ventures Management LLC to Byersview Inc, $1,955,500

Summit Trail Condominiums Phase 1, Unit A2 – Bradley, Terry and Pamela Fouts to James Difronzo, $642,000

Willows at Grand Park Filing No 3, Lot 34 – Grand Park Homes LLC to Brett and Stacy Johnson, $523,604

Iron Horse Building D, Condo Unit 5044 – Mary Jane Mandel to Richard and Jill Upleger, $176,500

Hideaway Village Filing #2, Lot 8 – Clifford and Claudia Anderson to Daisy Pettem, $550,000

Himebaughs 1st Addition Hot Sulphur Springs B1-B2, N2 B3-B4, Block 3, Lots 38,39,40,41 – Louise Brown and Paul Medlicott to Mark Johnson, $18,000

Sunset Ridge Filing #1, Lot 20, Block 2 – Jacob Mihalak to Josh Marks and Julie A Tranowski Marks, $103,000

Winter Park Ranch 3rd Filing Lot 42, Block 1 – Kevin Bayer to Adam and Kalyn Denno, $365,000

Base Camp One Condos Unit 114R – John and Kathaleen McConathy to Michael and Marcia Arensmeyer, $215,000

Lakeside at Pole Creek Townhomes Unit 9B – Lois Adamy to James and Glenda Rice, $510,000

Pole Creek Meadows Lot 20, Block 1 – Gina Room, Gina Helgesen to Ann and Rex Vu, $175,000

Legacy Park Ranch Lot 15 – Douglas E Arienta Family Trust to Melissa Thomas and Margaret Kronmueller, $135,000

Silverado I Condo Unit 202, Bldg A – Jeffrey and Mary Glasbrenner to Kelly Foster and Charles Euwema, $291,000

Hideaway Hills Condo Unit 2 – David Coren and Marjorie Frantz to Vasquez Retreat LLC, $270,000

Inn at SilverCreek PH II Condo Unit 551 – SilverCreek 575 LLC to Thomas Taylor and Vance Holmes, $75,000

Inn at SilverCreek PH II Condo Unit 470 – Arthur Jones and Christine Chao to Anca Niculae, $75,000

Colorado Anglers Club #1, Lot 4, Block 11 – Baby Moose Investments LLC to Bellamar Ventures LLC, $25,000

East Mountain Filing 9, Lots 35,36; East Mountain Filing 9 Garage Units 35G,36G – Rendezvous Homes LLC, Koelbel Company to Shaila Gogate and Seth Furgeson, $434,515

Whiting Tracts Lot 11 Partial Legal – See Document – 532 Kings Crossing LLC to Lindsey Fish and Robert Chavez, $579,000

Blue Valley Acres Unit #2, Lot 8, Block 11 – David and Kathryn Pfeifer to Brien and Susan Rose, $90,000

Valley at Winter Park Subdivision Lot 23, Amended Final Plat – American Civil Constructors Inc/LLC to Drigan and Cassie Wieder, $82,000

Blue Valley Acres Unit #2, Lot 1, Block 3 – Martin B Stringfellow Revocable Trust to Tiffany Altman, $59,000

Sterling Pointe Condos Unit 403 – Michael Wageck and Kathleen Tees to Ryan Weier, $315,000

Fairways at Pole Creek PH 1 & Open Space Lot 1 33 – Maria L Pabst Living Trust to Linda Wenzek Barth, $105,000

Big Horn Park Filing #1, Lot 54 – David Skinner to Gavlin and Jeriel Bohall, $295,000

Sawmill Station Townhomes Unit 7C – Jamie A Stone Trust to Brian Kilcoyne, $510,500

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