Grand County Real Estate Transactions, June 7-13, 2015 |

Grand County Real Estate Transactions, June 7-13, 2015

Grand County transactions June 7-13

Winter Park Lodge II Bldg F, Unit 102 – Shane and Jody Whitmore to Austin and Andrea Frazer, $150,000

Old Park Filing #5, Lot 6, Block F – John and Anne Auger to Mark Steckman, $319,000

Gore City Addn to Kremmling Block 1, Lots 13,14 – Martin and Regina Schroeder to Jason Flores, $157,678

Grand River Ranch Lot 10 – Jamie Feran, Tracy and Brian Postle to Sunset Cliff LLC, $5,600,000

Mountainside at SilverCreek C U 87 Week 087606 – Mountainside SilverCreek Timeshare Owners Association to Sandra McQueary, $5,000

Enclave at Winter Park Ranch Second AMD Final Plat Lot 6 – Thomas Fenton to Michelle Clifford, $370,000

Lakota Flg 6, Tract E, Lot 44 – Robin, Trent and Susan Smallwood to Michael Wenaas and Paul Fletcher, $462,500

Trail Creek Estates 2nd Filing Lot 90 – Wayne and Amy Ehlert to Larry Clark, $64,700

Gore City Addn to Kremmling Block 5, Lots 11,12; Gore City Addn to Kremmling Lot 13, Block 5 – Partial Legal – See Document – Brandon and Jaclyn Freel to Thomas and Angela Lay, $220,000

Grand Meadows Granby Lot 15, Block 1 – Laure Van Houten to Mark Jensen, $165,000

Winter Park Highlands Unit 2, Lot 7 – Donna Bowman and Patricia Goley to Jeremy and Elizabeth Davis, Jed and Lara Kenzy, $317,000

Mesa Vista Subdivision Lot S40 – Dror and Chaim Zaks, Yuko Maura to Charles Woolford, $155,000

Shadow Mountain Estates 2nd Filing, Lot 23 – Shawn and Candace Cole to Edward and Jayme Schmaus, $449,100

SECS 10,11,14,22 TWP 1S R 79W Partial Legal – See Documents; SEC 15 TWP 1S R 79W – Terry, Thomy and Karen Meier to SPR-1 LLC, $4,700,000

Winter Park Highlands Unit 3, Lot 31 – Victoria Mitchell to Greg Krivec and Susan Tiddens, $60,000

Sky View Acres Subdivision Lot 7 – Douglas and Marie Vanator to Patrick Ward and Stephanie Finnigan, $332,000

Hi Country Haus Bldg 4, Unit 4 – Van Morrow, Tim Roberts, Chris Vuletich, George Patterson, Florence Davis, Jean Acsell, Chuck Bradley, R Dale Anderson Family Trust, Diana Graham, Estate of Betty Lou Anderson to Laurie Graff, $80,000

Pole Creek Timbers Subdivision Lots 4,5 – Bridget Hagood Revocable Trust to Terry M Zaudtke Revocable Trust Agreement, $110,000

Grand View Highlands Filing #1, Lot 4, Block 2 – Joseph Guiles and Laurie Castonguay Guiles to Karen and Philip Delvecchio Jr, $404,900

Big Horn Park Filing #2, Lot 28 – Joseph Gerze to Denis and Rosa Birely, $83,000

Winter Park Lodge II Bldg D, Unit 203 – Roger and Amanda Matz to Garrus Living Trust, $175,000

Innsbruck-Val Moritz Sub Lot 18, Block 12 – Michael Hadley Trust and Robyn Hadley Trust to Cameron and Carin Newell, $555,000

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