Grand County Real Estate Transactions, March 28 to April 3, 2010 |

Grand County Real Estate Transactions, March 28 to April 3, 2010

Timber Run Condo Unit 1, Lot 2, Weeks 11,33,24 – James Everett Jr to Barbara Sander, $5,000

Mountainside at SilverCreek B U 03 Timeshare 003117 – Ralph Buchanan and Lois Steiner to Mountainside SilverCreek Timeshare Owners Association, $500

Hi Country Haus Bldg 5, Unit 12 – Lisa Mannion to Jeff Richter, $84,900

Himebaughs 1st Addition Hot Sulphur Springs Block 4, Lots 35,36,37,38 – Lance Ligon to Jerry and Jacqueline Pirtle, $250,000

Innsbruck Val Moritz Lot 26, Block 19 – Kevin and Barbara McCord to Jeanine John, $12,500

Blue Valley Acres Unit 2, Lot 17, Block 7 – Patricia Wiles to Daniel and Amanda Hren, $286,500

Telemark Condominiums Unit 562, Bldg C – Arete Investors LLC and William Honn to Mark and Emily Puccioni, $177,000

Shadow Mountain Estates Lot 11 – Gary and Margaret Rappenecker to Francis and Rebekah Johnson, $290,000

Aspen Meadows Condominiums Unit 102, Bldg A – Ashley Scott to Jeanette Rossillon and Thomas Fuentes, $134,000

Winter Park Meadows Condo Unit 7 C – Andrzej Biskup to Matthew and Amy Obert, $63,000

Cozens Pointe at Grand Park U 101, Bldg C – Cozens Pointe LLC to Shelby Cook, $304,000

Divide at Forest Meadows C U 4 – Michael Farmer and Rachael Yeager to Shelby Katz, $159,900

Winter Park Highlands Greenridge Lot 74 – Deutsche Bank National Trust Company TSTE, Harborview Mortgage Loan Trust Mortgage Loan Pass Through Certificates Series 2006-7 to Hari and Christine Dallakoti, $534,900

Sun Song Condominums Unit 2 B, Bldg 2 – Andrea Salzberg to Luke Lehman, $160,000

Village Center Condominiums Winter Park Unit 1, Bldg B2 – Neva Development LLC to Terese Kredo, $100,000

Village Center Condominiums Winter Park Bldg B1, Units 5,6 – Village Center Holdings LLC to Millenium Bank, $376,840

Base Camp One Condominiums Unit 313 – Dundee Base Camp LLC to Steven and Audra Coppa, $188,000

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