Grand County Real Estate Transactions, May 4- May 24 |

Grand County Real Estate Transactions, May 4- May 24

May 4 – May 24

FIC Addition to Kremmling Block 21, Lots 4,5 – Dennis and Sue Pratt to Timberlea Felts, Eric Branning and Kari Hull-Varner, $80,000

Innsbruck-Val Moritz Sub (1) Lot 72, Block 17 – Jay and Patricia Dessel to Cody Daniels and Thomas Daniels Jr, $355,000

Fraser – Eastom Block 4, Lots 3,4,5 – Mary Hart to Geoffrey Berens, Jeffrey Berens, $190,000

Lakeview Waterside West Condos As Built Unit 204, Garage Unit D – Gregory and Shana Leneveu to Randall and Mary Thompson, $279,500

Kings Crossing Solar Condo Townhomes Unit 5, Bldg 6 – John and Georgia Wieseler to Bradley and Onirelec Swenson, $242,450

Sawmill Station Townhomes Unit 6B – James and Eleni Zemlyak to George and Renee Penfield, $359,500

Sawmill Station Townhomes Unit 8B – Logger Lane Townhomes LLC to Scott and Leah Newcomer Oliver, $362,000

Zephyr Mountain Lodge Condo Bldg 1 & 2, Unit 2306 – Peter Campanella and Pam Thompson to Steven and Jennifer Hale, $194,000

Granby Ranch Filing 10, Lot 11 – Lora, Parker and Carleigh Krug to John and Kathleen DiGirolamo, $107,000

Bear Crossing Town Homes Lot 13 – Stephen Yedinak and Yvette Trelles to Walter, Jody, Jean and Walter Legg, Randy and Leslie Turner, $415,000

Iron Horse Building C, Condo Unit 4073 – Gabriel Reyes to Patick McGaha, $110,000

Grand Lake Estates 1st Filing, Lot 3, Block 6 – Douglas and Kim Vogel to Kathryn Robinson, $320,000

SEC 3 TWP 2N R 76W Partial Legal – See Document – Indian Peaks Marina LLC to Clack Motorsports North LLC, $850,000

Crestview Place Condominiums Unit B513 – Gregory and Sandra Tosiou to Kenneth and Jamie Jensen, $250,000

Smokeys Estates Subdivision Lot 1 – Ronald and Elizabeth Smith to Paul Soderberg, $315,000

Iron Horse Building D, Condo Unit 5054 – Mark and Theresa Eidson to Robert and Beth Moore, $110,000

Shadow Park West Block 3, TRT A – T N T General Partnership to Luke-Sky LLC, $250,000

Himebaughs 1st Addition Hot Sulphur Springs B1-B2, N2 B3-B4, Lots 15,16,17,18, Block 2 – Tierney Foley to Darren and Kelly Long, $235,000

Sunnyshore Park First Filing Lot 48, Block 2 – Michael and Sharon Frawley to Justin and Betty Burton, $319,000

Skyview at Waterside West Bldg F, Unit F7, Garage Unit F7; Lakeview Waterside West Condos As Built, Garage Unit E – Daniel and Darlene Gile to Michael and Ann Muldrow, $365,000

Grand West Subdivision – Kremmling Lot 7, Block 3 – Express Homes LLC to Adam Gillespie, $190,000

Zephyr Mountain Lodge Condo Bldg 1 & 2, Unit 2010 – Fannie Mae Federal National Mortgage Association to Gregory and Rowena Reyes, $180,050

Lot 9 SEC 6 TWP 3N R 75W Partial Legal – See Document – Stanley and Casilda Cazier to Darren and Kelly Fogel, $460,000

Zephyr Mountain Lodge Condo Bldg 1 & 2, Unit 2206 – Fannie Mae Federal National Mortgage Association to Tiffany Pham, $175,100

Granby Ranch Filing 1, Lot 9 – Henry and Linda Oechsle to Tyler and Alyssa Casebier, $425,000

Villa Harbor Subdivision Lot 24 – Bell Crest Enterprises LLLP to Thomas Gruber, $357,000

Summit Trail Lodge Condominiums Unit B2, Bldg B – Summit Trail Development Inc to Joseph and Sarah Voigt, $419,000

Base Camp One Condos Unit 201R – Robert and Dawn Stopkoski to Greg and Wendy Dinetz, $337,500

Inn at SilverCreek PH II Condo Unit B413 – Equity Trust Company Custodian, Lynette Teichman IRA to Francisco Ramirez-Ignacio and Griselda Zapata, $28,000

Roff Subdivision Exemption Partial Legal – See Document – Robert and Susan Popp to Michael Murray, $695,000

Alpine Acres Sub Block 1, Lots 55,56 – Bernard and Kimberly Siegel to Matthew and Erika Bailey, $320,000

Elk Creek Village Filing 1, TH Unit 1, Bldg 1 – Kristine and Robert Meller Jr to Eric and Cari Schnepp, $189,000

First Valley Addn to Granby Lot 3, Block 1 – Lady LLC to Maureen Wenger, $135,000

Grand Lake Estates 1st Filing, Lot 10, Block 7 – Randy Stokes, Jody Bailey and Jill Feeney to William and Patrice Zink, $830,000

Pole Creek Valley Subdivision Lot 42 – Timothy and Julie Morton to Eric and Jill Rysner, $552,500

Shadow Park West Condo Unit 15A – Chasson Abeyta to Alex and Kateri Abeyta, $165,000

Summit at SilverCreek Bldg 4, Unit 4303 – David Goldstein and Jothi Ravindran to Nicholas Houck and Jessica Martin, $105,000

Trailhead Lodges, Lodge 4, Unit 424 – Summit Legend Trailhead Inc to Gordon and Chontel Trujillo, $365,000

Sterling Pointe Condos Unit 303, Bldg 3 – Rodney K Koerber Revocable Trust and Cynthia E Koerber Revocable Trust to Volker Orgeldinger and Joan Sawaya Orgeldinger, $230,000

Innsbruck-Val Moritz Sub (1) Lot 58, Block 17 – Darrel and Pamela Lathrop to David and Vicki Maloney, $349,000

Rabbit Ears Village Subdivision Lot 48 – SLI Associates LLC to Robert and Susan Quinn, $42,500

Granby Block 9, Lots 11,12,13 – Fannie Mae Federal National Mortgage Association to William and Holly Brown, $137,500

Olga Hill Subdivision Lot 3 – Leo and Darlene Reckker to Byron Harrington and Elisabeth Gritschke, $260,000

Zephyr Mountain Lodge Condo Bldg 1 & 2, Unit 2515 – George Zahn Jr to Connie and Charles Golson Jr, $575,000

Innsbruck-Val Moritz Sub (1) Lot 51, Block 15 – Thomas and Kim Fry to Chopper Mountain Inc, $25,000

Sun Valley Ranch Subdivision Lot 26 – Denise and James Wanzeck, Denise and James Wozniak to Denise Wanzeck, $150,000

Columbine Lake Addition Lot 42, Block 11 – Richard LaCouture and Jacqueline Wright to Dear Lodge LLC, $299,900

Shadow Crest Condo Unit 1 B, Bldg 1 – James and Beverlee Schnitker to James and Candace Herbic, $235,000

Granby 2nd Block 7, Lots 17,18,19 – Nicolas Hahn to Patricia Deepe, $115,000

Gore City Addn to Kremmling Block 16, Lots 7,8,9 – Norman and Loretta Fox to Carol Hochstrasser, $121,500

Base Camp One Condos Unit 300R – Red Head Investments LLC to Charles Garretson and Blane Day, $268,500

Winter Park Highlands Unit 3, Lot 28 – Jay Puckett Revocable Trust and Kathy Puckett Revocable Trust to Emily Madison, $357,000

Kremmling Country Addition Lot 13, Block 4 – Martin and Regina Schroeder to Jake Johnson and Kelly Berger, $190,000

Ptarmigan Subdivision Fraser Lot MH96 – Thoy Smith and William Smith Jr to Barry Gallerick and Tamara Wellman, $370,000

Crooked Creek Complex Unit R6 – Deutsche Bank National Trust Company TSTE, Long Beach Mortgage Loan Trust 2006-WL1 to Ryan Weier, $65,000

Inn at SilverCreek PH II Condo Unit 466 – Mary Albert to Travis Deruiter, $20,000

Hi Country Haus Bldg 2, Unit 3 – Ethan Banks to Four Sees LLC, $100,000

Winter Park Highlands Greenridge Lot 14 – Eyrle Carriere and Margot Bradley to Steven and Janine Cook, $690,000

Telemark Condominiums Unit 510, Bldg E – Scott and Victoria Drees to Cheryl and Eugene McGowan Jr, $211,900

Granby Ranch Filing 10, Lot 50 – Granby Realty Holdings LLC to Anti Aging Yoga LLC, $174,900

Inn at SilverCreek PH I Condo Unit 103 – J R Properties LLC to Patricia Cook, $26,500

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