Grand County Real Estate Transactions, Nov. 7-13, 2011 |

Grand County Real Estate Transactions, Nov. 7-13, 2011

Grand Meadows Granby Lot 6, Block 1 – Geraldine Newton to Daniel Kolb, $170,000Clubhouse Cabins & Village at Saddle Ridge Lot C54 – Fannie Mae Federal National Mortgage Association to Gregory and Pamela Mastriona, $276,000Rabbit Ears Village Subdivision Lot 135 – Michael Newell to Debra Joy Shade Revocable Trust, $53,000Slopeside Village Unit 1, Bldg C – Wisconsin Brathaus LLC to Mark Langston and Carol Glassman, $510,000Pine Tree Plaza Condominiums Unit 402 Right to Use S-402 – Clinton Ball to Ward Boyles Jr, $215,184.97Pines at Meadow Ridge Court E, Unit 3, Bldg 45, Fractional Estate C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K,L – Alexander and Judith Hostiuck, Mountaintop Timeshares LLC, Marcia and Charles Jordan, Jr, Robert and Laura Guyer, Robert and Geraldine Davis, Martin Svanda, John and Marlene Beauston, Les Cornelius, Thomas and Theresa Ginther, William Schaffert, Andrew Hostiuck to Rebecca and Arnold Cuba, Jr., $117,000Sterling Pointe Condominiums Unit 201, Bldg 2 – Jarrett Gordon to Gregory and Karen Jacobsen, $214,700Gore City Addn to Kremmling Block 12, Lots 19,20 – John McKibben to Mountain Park Concrete Inc, $47,000Valley at Winter Park Subdivision Amended Final Plat Unit 38 – David and Jill Hughes to Patricia Wischmann and Wendy Kohrt, $92,500Indian Peaks Bldg C, Condo Unit 102, Week 34 – Francis Trips LLC to John and Jeanne Glanville, $500Fraser – Eastom Block 8, Lots 1,2,3 – Aurora Loan Services LLC to Sean Curran, $170,000North Shore Subdivision Lot 7B, Block 1; North Shore Subdivision Lot 8A Partial Legal – See Document – Karol Holland, Kathryn Matlock and Kelly Maldonado to Christopher Rellaford, $150,000Winter Park Ranch 3rd Filing, Lot 10, Block 2 – Cabrera Property Rentals LLC to Bradley and Katie Kelley, $457,000

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