Grand County Real Estate Transactions, Oct. 11-17, 2015 |

Grand County Real Estate Transactions, Oct. 11-17, 2015

Grand County transactions Oct. 11-17

Iron Horse Building C Condo Unit 1013 – William Nasuti and Karen Cable to Robert Schmidt and Susan Stephani, $122,000

East Mountain Filing 2, Lot 33 – Travis Johnson Revocable Trust to David and Krista Roberts, $605,000

Inn at SilverCreek PH I Condo Unit 332 – Charles and Katherine Orngard, Stephen and Stacie Martino to Travis Johnson, $43,500

East Mountain Filing 5, Lot 116 – Rendezvous Homes LLC to Robert and Christine Anderson, $654,000

Alpine Acres Sub Block 1, Lots 33,34 – Joshua and Arianne Heyser, Arianne Venzon to David and Christine Walker, $297,000

Twin Rivers Condo Unit 4 – Jill Stoffels to Thomas and Lorna Branon, $185,000

Granby Ranch Filing 5 First Administrative Plat Lot 18 – Anne Hoffa to Robert Keller and Kerrie Riker Keller, $310,000

Innsbruck-Val Moritz Sub (1) Lot 37, Block 14 – Jay Thorp to Philip Wood, $6,500

Slopeside Village Unit 97A, Bldg F – Rodney Valdez to Matthew and Eri Stanton, $382,000

SEC 21 TWP 1N R 75W Partial Legal – See Document – Michael and Melinda O’Brien to Brenda Waterhouse and Debra Erickson, $118,000

Grand Lake Block 34, Lots 1,2 – James and Brenda Schoenherr to Stephen Chang and Jill Fattor, $289,000

Winter Glen Final Plat Lot 4 – Warren Hill III to Leslie and Darren Dines, $555,000

East Mountain Filing 3, Lot 38 – Derek Blood to Highland Properties 4615 LLC, $420,000

Scanloch Subdivision Block 1, Lots 27,28 – Michael and Cynthia Christianson to Adrian Brown, $95,000

Alpine Acres Sub Block 1, Lots 41,42,43 – Megan Hughes Revocable Trust to Sean Luton, $100,000

Mountainside at SilverCreek C U 91 Timeshare 091534 – Harold and Yvonne Anderson to Mountainside SilverCreek Timeshare Owners Association, $500

Granby Block 10, Lots 20, 21 – John and Paulie Young to Filipp Eretneva, $315,000

Aspen Meadows Condominiums Unit 102, Bldg C – Anton and Grace Roettenbacher to David and Jennifer Jordan, $225,000

Soda Springs Ranch Filing 2, Unit 20, TRT TC 19 36 – Eric Jensen to Eric and Danielle Sanchez, $66,000

Ridge Subdivision Lot 4 – Saunders Revocable Trust to Michael and Kristina Arnold, $176,500

Riveracres 2nd Adn Mtn Meadows Lot 10, Block 1 – John and Linka Kennell to Scott Rasmussen, $217,000

Hot Sulphur Springs Block 21, Lots 2, 3 – GCM Inc, Mark and Bettina Shearon to Grand County Mortuary and Crematory LLC, $415,000

Divide at Forest Meadows Bldg B, Unit 5 – 99 Doc Susie LLC to Billy Harris and Thomas Jones, $72,500

Elk Ridge Estates Subdivision Exemption Lot 3 – Shelli Dimig to Daniel and Alice Zwahlen, $156,000

Cozens Pointe at Grand Park Unit 202, Bldg C – Gerigk Insurance Trust, Tracie, Sandra and Mark Gerigk to Rosehill Family Trust, $340,000

Gore City Addn to Kremmling Block 15, Lots 1,2 – JoAnna Carpenter, JoAnna Whitemarsh to Michael and Ronda Shearer, $214,900

Granby Lake Shore Estates Lot 5 – Michael Chritton, West Point Highland Development LLC to William and Mary McBain, $849,000

Columbine Lake Lot 29, Block 3 – R P Murphy to Linda Zinn, $88,000

Shadow Lake Villas Subdivision Lot 4 – Grand Lake Land LLC to Eric Simonsen Spouse Family Trust and Suzanne Simonsen Spouse Family Trust, $1,290,000

Lakeside at Pole Creek Townhomes Unit 19B – Gary and Kathleen Israelson to Michael and Terri Carry, $360,000

Perry L Miller Tracts Lot 8 – William Mitalski and Bridget Robinson to William Bolin, $15,000

Sunset Ridge Filing #3, Lot 4 – Sunset Ridge Property Owners Association to Geoffrey and Karen Dawson, $129,900

Inn at SilverCreek Ph I Condo Unit 313 – Mark and Debbie Cecil to Yancy Green and Tiffany Rush Green, $50,500

Inn at SilverCreek PH I Condo Unit 425 – QCEP Consulting Inc to Richard Vanwormer, $22,900

Hi Country Haus Bldg 24, Unit 9 – Michael and Susan Hauer to Brian and Candida Williams, $142,000

Sunnyshore Park First Filing Lot 27, Block 1 – Adam Myers Jr and Jane Gilden to Robert and Laurie Troudt, $264,900

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