Grand County Real Estate Transactions, Oct. 23-29 |

Grand County Real Estate Transactions, Oct. 23-29

Pole Creek Valley Subdivision Lot 66 – William Bland to Kyle and Margarita Offermann, $495,000

Faraklas S Minor Subdivision TRT 3 – Jimmie and Judith Hailey to Fraser Valley Property LLC, $414,800

Workshire Acres Lot 8, Block 2 – Karin Florez to Roman and Jana Zimmermann, $410,000

Inn at SilverCreek PH I Condo Unit 321 – Ryan and Heidi Shockey to Krumenauer Mountain Retreat LLC, $62,000

Dietrich Addition to Kremmling Block 2, Lots 9,10 – Justin Villegas to Tyler Scully, $172,500

Gore City Addn to Kremmling Block 2, Lots 14,15,16,17 – Blane Day to Jared and Tiffany Freitag, $219,900

Grand View Park AFP Lot 20 – Yvonne L Townsend Trust and Brian L Townsend Trust to Holmes Family Trust, $40,000

Winter Park Highlands Unit 3, Lot 42 – Kori McClurg to James Stark and Jodi Behrens Stark, $540,000

Vik Outright Exemption Lot FG – Joseph and Susan Penta to Randy and Karen Davis, $470,900

Weimer Addition Minor Subdivision Lot 3 – Rodney Weimer to Matthew and Kendra Robinson, $244,000

Westgate Lodge of Winter Park Unit 303 – JoAnne Carilli Stevenson to Riley McDonough, $117,500

Mountainside at SilverCreek B U 3 Timeshare 003147 – Bernard and Jaclyne Friedman to Mountainside SilverCreek Timeshare Association, $500

Meadow Ridge Lodges Court 23, Unit 1 – Cindy L White Revocable Trust to Mark and Kara Duman, $143,000

Zephyr Mountain Lodge Unit 1305 – Gregory and Victoria Heid to Kathleen Mitchell, $255,000

Zephyr Mountain Lodge Condo Bldg 1 & 2, Unit 2302 – Jonathan, Amy, Margaret and Cecil Chally to Thomas and Rosalie Prendergast, $396,000

Hideaway Pines Subdivision Lot 3, Block 4 – Highland Properties 816 LLC to 2563 E 131 Avenue LLC, $448,000

Tumbleweed Condo I, Unit 1 – Christopher and Jennifer Mygatt to John Gaines, $305,000

Granby Lake Shore Estates Townhomes Lot 5 – William and Mary McBain to Thomas G Giarla Revocable Trust, $799,500

Inn at SilverCreek PH II Condo Unit 558 – Matthew Gauthier and Leanne Cadman to Ronald Evangelista and Lisa Lamdin, $32,500

Timbers Condominiums Unit 4, Bldg 2 – Leah Lustig to John Benway and Beverley Great, $285,000

Winter Park Ranch 3rd Filing, Lot 5, Block 2 – Luis and Kelly Vargas to Turner and Mary Williams, Stephen Ott and Katharine Ortstadt, $655,000

Snowblaze Bldg E, Condo Unit 113 – Simon and Anita Watkins to Jason and Jennifer Stolze, $100,000

Coyote Creek at Winter Park Unit 40, Lot 24 – Bruce Block to Richard and Jamie Dooley, $348,000

Pole Creek Subdivision Lot 43 – Richard and Jamie Dooley to Steven and Mary Ambrose, $530,000

Alpine Park Subdivision Block 6, Lots 36,37,38 – Freda Jeffrey to Teri Mordick, $321,000

Winter Park Highlands Greenridge Lot 27 – Keith and Patricia Reichman to Michelle and Michael Lupica, $750,000

Winter Park Lodge II Bldg C, Unit 203 – Jan Koles to Four Sees LLC, $137,000

Grand Lake Lot 6, Block 6 – John and Christina Rourke to Deborah R Mathieu Trust, $145,000

Fairways at Pole Creek PH 1 & Open Space Lot 3 17 – Gary A Mainor Living Trust to Donald Brinker Family Living Trust and Nancy Brinker Family Living Trust, $862,000

SEC 19 TWP 3N R 76W Partial Legal – See Document – Gary Joseph Trust and Cheryl Joseph Living Trust to Larry and Lori Summerer, Michael and Lisa Kauffman, $599,900

Beaver Village Flg #2, Bldg 4, Unit 203 – Michael Superczynski Jr and Julia Dirado to Linda Van Doren and Dean Phannenstiel, $228,000

Winter Park Ranch 4th Filing Lot S43 – Scott Durham to Flatiron Mortgage Lending LLC, $960,000

Y-Lee Subdivision Lot 2, Block 1 – Kenneth and Christine Reeves to Kristi Schmidt, $243,000

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