Grand County Real Estate Transactions, Sept. 18-24, 2011 |

Grand County Real Estate Transactions, Sept. 18-24, 2011

Lakeridge Mountain Valley Subdivision Lot 9, Block 3 – John Dunn and Debra Suggs to Douglas and Lisa Wolkin, $173,000

Grand Lake Block 33, Lots 15,16 – Kristin and William Peltier III to Mitchell and Angela Chvatal, $420,000

Silverado I Condo Unit 301, Bldg A – Robert Ammann to Ryan and Susan Stone, $152,000

Westgate Lodge of Winter Park Unit 102 – GMAC Mortgage LLC to Lisa and John Matter Jr., $79,000

Silverado II Condo Unit 322, Bldg Three, Week 31 – Dale Covey to Daniel and Oris Weiner, $500

Blue Valley Acres Unit #2, Lot 6, Block 7 – Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Timothy Vermeer, $129,000

Old Park Filing #2, Lot 22, Block E – Matthew and Katherine Lurtz to Jeff and Anita Roberts, $38,000

Gudgel Subdivison TRT 8 – Wells Fargo Bank NA to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, $171,935

Hi Country Haus Bldg 7, Unit 4 – Mike and Kim Hyder to Stephen and Courtenay Bratten, $143,500

Silverado I Condo Unit 202, Bldg B – Eugene and Marilyn Raymond to Mark and Margo Dickinson, $157,500

Aspen Meadows Condominiums Unit 301, Bldg E – Aspen Meadows Condominiums LLC to David and Lisa Hughes, $183,000

Y-Lee Subdivision Lot 11, Block 2 – Forrest and Carolyn Moore to Rickie Rosen, $206,000

Mountainside at SilverCreek B U 40 Fractional Estate 40 C5 – Helen and John Hendrick III to Mountainside SilverCreek Fractional Ownership Condominium Association Inc, $500

Mountainside at SilverCreek C Lot 83 Timeshare 083504 – Robert and Penny Schmidgall to Mountainside SilverCreek Timeshare Owners Association, $500

Mountainside at SilverCreek C U 118 Timeshare 118643 – Horace Alan Dellis Revocable Trust and Eleanor Anne Dellis Revocable Trust to Jeremy Adam Holder Revocable Living Trust and Lauren Stepanek Holder Revocable Living Trust, $500

Bussey Hills Subdivision Lot 12, Block 5 – Wells Fargo Bank NA TSTE, Option One Mortgage Loan Trust 2007-4, Asset Backed Certificates Series 2007-4 to Scott Torello, $163,500

Winter Park Ranch 5th Filing, Lot S79 – Laurie Mangum to Richard Thomas, $391,500

Granby Block 7, Lots 6,7,8 – Wells Fargo Bank NA to Secretary Housing Urban Development, $161,919.46

Bussey Hills Subdivision Block 2, Lots 6,7,8 – Wells Fargo Bank NA TSTE, WAMU Mortgage Pass Through Certificates Series 2004-PR2 Trust to Rex and Linda Garnes, $60,000

M A S Subdivision Exemption TRT 2 – Wells Fargo Bank NA TSTE, WAMU Mortgage Pass Through Certificates Series 2006-PR2 Trust to Jeffrey Martinez, $119,900

Mink Townhomes #1, Unit A – Nancy Hardy to Charles W Harper Revocable Trust and Mary J Harper Revocable Trust, $219,500

Grand Lake Block 28, Lots 13,14,15,16 – Lake Avenue LLC to RL Grand Lake LLC, $425,000

Winter Park Ranch 3rd Filing, Lot 45, Block 1 – James and Jean Wolter to John and Denise Zander, $82,000

Stillwater Estates Lot 36 – Deutsche Bank National Trust Company TSTE, Certificateholders Greenpoint Mortgage Funding Trust 2005-HY-1 Asset Backed Certificates Series 2005-HY1 to Gary Hayes, $265,000

Snowblaze Bldg C, Condo Unit 21 – Richard and Susan Shaw to Timothy Latouche and Amiee Orf, $195,000

Grosvenor Subdivision Exemption Lot A – Daniel Dearing to Steven and Connie Hall, $575,000

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