Grand County residents head to Denver for the Women’s March on Denver |

Grand County residents head to Denver for the Women’s March on Denver

Women’s March on Denver

Date: January 21

Time: 9 a.m .- 3 p.m.

Location: Denver’s Civic Center Park

Grand County residents will be driving to Denver on Saturday, Jan. 21 for the Women’s March on Denver.

The idea of a march came from Teresa Shook, a 60-year-old retired woman. She was worried about women’s rights after the new administration takes office. So she enlisted support for like-minded people on Facebook and secured a permit to hold the rally.

Susanne Jalbert, of Winter Park, is attending the event in Denver on Jan. 21 and said the reason for going is different for everyone.

“Everyone has their own personal reasons. The people that I’ve talked to and what resonates with them is inclusiveness and making sure women’s – and human rights – are upheld in the new administration.”

“Instead of despair and being concerned about the potential for all kinds of social and environmental protections being dismantled, do something,” said Irene Cook, a local organizers who is arranging transportation for Grand County residents who want to go to the rally.

“Make a statement by being present with like-minded people.”

Leslie Wilson, of Tabernash will be attending the march and feels that it is a demonstration to our elected officials at the county, state and federal level that women’s rights must be recognized and addressed.

“All of us participating also need to remain active after the march,” she said.

“I’ve discussed with friends the idea of picking three initiatives that are near and dear to our hearts, ones related to the objectives of the march and get involved.”


Cook is hoping to get a bus to transport residents who want to travel together without worrying about parking.

The bus seats 28 and Cook is still trying to figure out cost and departure time.

She can be contact via email or phone: 970- 531-0831. The deadline for confirmation for participation is 5 p.m. on Friday, Jan. 13. Cook believes the cost may be around $45 per person.

According to Jalbert, 200,000 people will be marching in Washington, DC on Jan. 21 and 150 sister cities including Denver will have marches, as well.

Nineteen countries will be marching in solitary.

Jalbert, who has spent her entire career advocating for women’s rights across the world, has been asked why she is marching.

“I am marching for inclusive ethics and values, peaceful civil dialogue (in honor of peace mentors: Genevieve Fiore/Denver and Elise Boulding/Boulder), civil, women’s and human rights, intersectionality of respectful (and hear) opinions, universal healthcare, women’s health and reproductive rights, environmental awareness, and yes! peace in our nation and in our world. My personal goal is to contribute to building a society that is inclusive of all voices comprised within our diverse nation – starting in our own backyard. That means — I’m marching for everyone.”

FAQs from Women’s March website

Are men welcome?


Are children welcome?

Yes. Remember that every family is different. We encourage you to trust your intuition – if it feels right to bring your child, then do it.

Are dogs welcome?

Service animals are most definitely welcome and encouraged, but please leave your other pets at home.

I will be in a wheelchair; will I be able to attend?

Yes. We’ve added an Alternate March Route of .75 miles.

Will there be porta potties?

Yes. We have nearly 100 porta potties, including handicap accessible.

What time does the march start? Where do we meet?

On January 21, we will begin gathering at 9 a.m. at the Voorhies Memorial Pond. The march will begin at 9:30 a.m. The Rally in Civic Center Park will begin at 11:15 a.m.

Will there be security?

Yes. Denver Police will be present during the march and rally. We will also have civilian and volunteer security / marshals that will all have received training in reporting and de-escalation techniques. Ultimately, we all have to be vigilant in keeping one another safe and reporting anything of concern.

Can I bring my backpack?

Yes. Bring your backpack with plenty of water, snacks and cold weather gear.

The organization’s website states: “We stand together in solidarity with our partners and children…”

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