Grand County schools should have proudly shown Obama speech |

Grand County schools should have proudly shown Obama speech

To the Editor:

This is an open letter to Dr. Chamberlin, East Grand Board of Education members, MPHS and Parents opposing President Obama’s speech on education.

Let me first state that I really do like MPHS and staff and understand the tremendous pressure put on them by the administration and the opposing parents, but I cannot condone your decision not to show the president’s speech on education. What a missed opportunity.

I understand we live in a conservative county, but I’m shocked that 50 or so parents threatened to pull their children out of school for the whole day on Tuesday if the school showed Obama’s speech. And due to those few parents’ threats, the school buckled and did not choose to show the short 15 minute speech.

Instead they said they would leave it up to each teacher if they had time and if they chose to show it. What a scapegoat. If there was a teacher who did show the speech on Tuesday I applaud you.

But for those educators and parents who choose not to educate our children about the importance and benefits of a good education, SHAME ON YOU. I, as a parent was not given the option for my children to view this at school; instead those parents who opposed this took away that right from my children to make up their own minds to view this very positive, and non-political speech, which basically said (for those of you who are too close-minded to see it) stay in school, work hard, everyone has something to offer and it is up to each student to find out what that is.

For those 50-plus parents who raised such a stink, I encourage you to go to and view the speech yourselves, and if you don’t agree with the president’s positive message, then by all means please go ahead and pull your kids out of school. They’re probably the students who need this positive reinforcement of how important a good education is for them and for our country.

Please encourage your child to watch the president’s speech on education and let them make up their own minds. I bet they will find it uplifting and encouraging, and isn’t that what we all want for our children?

It’s not too late to right this wrong.

Shannon L Kerber