Grand County Search and Rescue has new home |

Grand County Search and Rescue has new home

Stillwater Community Chapel and Grand County Search and Rescue have announced a new partnership between their two organizations.

The newly-finished and heated, lower level of Stillwater Chapel’s garage shop building is now home to Search and Rescue’s “Stillwater Rescue Base,” along with their truck, trailer and other equipment. They will also have access to the restrooms and meeting facilities located in the main church building across the driveway for various training sessions and social events.

A special thanks goes to Stillwater’s Building and Grounds Team Chairman, Al Barrett and Search and Rescue President Dave Kafer for all the work they did in getting the deal worked out between our two organizations. As the plan was presented to the Grand County Commissioners for approval, they were most cooperative in working through details and approving a lump-sum payment to the church – designated for heat and interior finish.

In exchange, Stillwater Chapel provided a 30-month lease of 1,000 square feet on the main level of the garage. The church in turn used the cash to have the interior work completed immediately. John Bendrat got his JB Construction crew involved and the project was completed so quickly and efficiently that everyone involved could hardly believe it.

Grand County Sheriff Rod Johnson and Pastor Jim Weber worked together to see the lease agreement finalized and signed off on just before the Christmas holidays.

Dave Kafer expressed his sincere appreciation to the Grand Foundation and the Frasier Valley Lions Club for their financial support along the way, and to Soda Springs Ranch HOA for their provision of storage space the past two years. JB Construction of Grand Lake provided all of the materials, and Trim Works donated the labor to complete the final trim on the facility this past week. Vertical Electric provided the electrical installation and fixtures at cost, and Overhead Door Company has graciously agreed to provide and install two door openers and remotes for a reduced rate.

Now, instead of Search and Rescue having their equipment scattered between several different locations, and some of it out in the weather, everything is inside, warm and ready to go when needed. The church, is grateful for the opportunity to have the project finished, and is currently working on plans to use the rest of the facility for some unique, youth activities in the community during the coming months.

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