Grand County Search & Rescue spend the night retrieving injured hunter |

Grand County Search & Rescue spend the night retrieving injured hunter

Tonya Binatbina@grandcountynews.comGrand County, Colorado

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A 64-year old hunter with an ankle injury was stranded for about 12 hours Friday before being rescued from rugged terrain south of Hot Sulphur Springs.In the Beaver and Kelly creek drainages, Donald Rogers of Bennett was left alone by a campfire with supplies and a bum ankle while hunting partner Ken Dresel, 64, of Arvada, descended the mountain to call for help. A nearly 10-hour rescue in deep timber and snow-covered steep slopes ensued, a mission comprised of 17 responders from Grand County Search and Rescue, accompanied by Grand County EMS Mountain Medical Response Team.Dresel aided the rescue by delivering accurate Global Positioning System coordinates, according to Search and Rescue Operations Chief Greg Foley. Locating him was easy, it was getting there that was not easy, he said.Since the rescue took place in a roadless area, rescuers drove ATVs to get as close as possible for about two miles, then ascended 1.5 miles on foot.Foley guessed the victim, taller than 6 feet and weighing 200 pounds, had accidentally slipped in the snow to injure his ankle.The rescue crew splinted the ankle, fitted his boot, then because of the difficult terrain, asked the hunter if hed agree to walk part way. The steep slope was thick with fallen timber, Foley said, and with much assistance, Rogers was able to walk about 1,500 feet. Then with ropes, rescuers lowered Rogers in a toboggan and dragged it through a heavily wooded area, according to Foley.He was in a lot of pain, Foley said.The team and injured man arrived at Beaver Creek Road around 7 a.m.According to Foley, this rescue was not the only one this hunting season. There were a couple other call-outs for hunters this year, Foley said. None of them have been that long though. Search and Rescue also has been deployed to monitor situations that resulted in no official rescue needed, Foley said. It was the last day of the third season of rifle elk hunting, and Rogers and Dresel had come up short before Rogers injury had occurred. Tonya Bina can be reached at 887-3334 ext. 19603 or e-mail