Grand County should change regulations to accommodate more wood-burning stoves |

Grand County should change regulations to accommodate more wood-burning stoves

To the Editor:

Grand County air quality guidelines are undermining the wood pellet manufacturing and pellet stove business in the county.

It’s pretty hard to believe with the clear cutting of beetle kill lodgepole pine, the amount of people unemployed in the county, and the fact that burning wood is a carbon-neutral heat source, especially in a high efficiency pellet stove that the county codes only allow one wood burning appliance per residence. It doesn’t matter if you are on a 50-foot X 75-foot lot in Fraser or a 10 acre lot a mile away from your nearest neighbor.

I was told that since the county does not have a full time employee who would travel around monitoring the air quality, that it’s just easier to limit the usage of wood burning appliances to one per living unit. It just makes sense to allow the citizens of Grand County the right to use the fuel in their own backyard for a useful purpose, other then a slash pile burn, which benefits no one.

If you have a detached garage you can’t heat it with a wood burning stove. If you put on an addition, you cannot add a fireplace or a wood or pellet stove to offset your heating costs.

Does this really make sense? Make the Forest Service happy, make the poor happy, make the unemployed happy, make the firewood suppliers happy, make the pellet stove industry happy. For that matter make the governor happy – he’s for carbon-neutral heating sources and logical usage of Colorado forest products.

For interesting reading, check out The Department of Forest Sciences at Colorado State University. Amend the Grand County clean air ordinance to allow more than one carbon-neutral stove per living unit.

Chas Wiebe

4-1/2 miles east of Fraser

St. Louis Mo.

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