Grand County should require owners to remove dead trees |

Grand County should require owners to remove dead trees

To the Editor:

I attended the County-wide Disaster Preparedness Meeting at Middle Park High School in Granby last weekend. I appreciate the time and effort the various agencies spent preparing for what seems to be an inevitable wildfire disaster in Grand County.

However, I still feel that pre-planning is the best way to avoid loss of property in a disastrous wildfire. We have sprayed our live trees and removed the dead ones for the past several years. Most of our neighbors have done the same.

A member of the audience expressed her feeling that some of our neighbors are not taking appropriate action to help decrease the risk of losing our homes. I have had this feeling also and have written letters in the past asking what we can do to get our neighbors involved in helping save all our homes.

The suggestion from the moderator was to “hold a coffee or some meeting and talk with our neighbors.” I agree that if a neighbor has a problem that precludes them from removing dead trees from their property, we can help. However, I have contacted my neighbor (an absentee landlord who rents the property) several times over the past two years. I have described the dead trees on his property. There is not one live tree left.

I have offered to send photos if he doesn’t have an idea of how many trees he has lost and the level of danger. I have begged him to take action to help protect his property, as well as that of our other neighbors and mine. I have never received the courtesy of a reply.

Our county commissioners in 2007 said they cannot tell individual landowners what they must do on their own property. That is ” at least ” a cop-out. Do they not already have building codes, setbacks, distances between the septic tank and well from one property to another that must be in compliance for our public health and safety?

The dead trees are a threat to public health and safety. I think it is time for our county commissioners to stand up and either pass a law or make a requirement that property owners in Grand County MUST get rid of the dead trees on their property.

If anyone on the panel from the meeting or our county commissioners would like to contact me, e-mail

Linda Wilson


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