Grand County spared most disasters |

Grand County spared most disasters

I think that Grand County is a great place to live.

We see on the news earthquakes in Japan and New Zealand; even California and other parts of the world are being devastated by earthquakes plus all that flooding back east in New Jersey and other states as well and tornadoes in Oklahoma, Missouri and Louisiana. And, yes, even flooding and tornadoes in Tennessee plus in Colorado down on the Plains we get all those tornadoes in the springtime.

But up here in Grand County we all should be fortunate enough and count our many blessings that we hardly have any of these devastating natural disasters happen to those of us who live here year-round in Grand County, from Winter Park to Kremmling. Yes, those wildfires last year probably scared a few people, and it has been a dry winter in places this year, but still very little happens in our communities.

Grand County is also a beautiful place for those who retire.

Jessica Rose


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