Grand County statistics make for interesting comparisons |

Grand County statistics make for interesting comparisons

by Tonya Bina
Sky-Hi Daily News

Some take statistics seriously, some with a grain of salt.

A Web site called might appeal to the stat-fanatic or the demographic devoted, but according to their site, should not be used to sink your life savings into a new business venture or just to move cross-country for the guy to girl ratio.

“This site was created as a Web development ‘hobby’ project using Census 2000 data obtained from the Census Web site,” the site’s disclaimer reads. “While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information, errors and omissions can occur, and visitors are encouraged to use the actual Census site instead of this one for any serious research.”

It’s a good thing ZIPskinny’s architects said that, otherwise surfers might think the town of Grand Lake is located on Shadow Mountain, or that the Willow Creek Reservoir is the geographic center of 80446 (Granby).

But comparing Grand County’s ZIP codes is a fun pastime, and by doing so, one gets the idea that Winter Park residents are much more educated than those in Kremmling ” with 60.6 percent of Winter Park residents with a four-year college education or more. In Kremmling, 20.8 percent have four years of higher education.

If you’re single, Grand Lake is slim pickin’s as 65.3 percent of its residents are married. Kremmling comes in second.

Of all the Grand County towns, the best place to find a date is in Fraser, where less than half (43 percent) of residents are hitched.

If looking for a divorcee, however, Grand Lake is the spot, with 12 percent of the population married then unmarried.

Grand County has more males than it does females, the Skinny says, with the highest percentage in Winter Park and Fraser. Men looking for the ladies have a better chance in Granby and Kremmling than in Grand Lake and Fraser, and the least chance in Winter Park.

According to the site, Kremmling has the highest percentage of unemployed individuals for its population, at 3.9 percent. But Fraser has the most individuals below the poverty line for its population, at 10.4 percent.

Kremmling has the highest percentage of Hispanic/Latino population, at 10 percent. Even so, overall diversity in Grand County is lacking, with 88 percent to 96 percent of the total population categorized as White.

The site goes on to say that Winter Park and Grand Lake have the highest percentage of the wealthy, with 5.1 percent and 4.1 percent of the population having a household income in the $200,000-plus per-year range.

Yet Granby and Winter Park have the highest median range of income, at $50,230 and $58,194 respectively.

And Fraser and Kremmling have the highest percentage of households making below $10,000 a year, at 9.1 percent and 8.5 percent respectively.

Grand Lake shows a population of 1,788 people, but ask any local on a cold, late January day how many people there are, and they’ll probably say something like 450.

Ask them in July, and they’ll probably tell you in the tens of thousands.

Thus is the problem with statistics. Just who do you believe?

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