Grand County " Those who insist on spraying for beetles are the ones tilting at windmills |

Grand County " Those who insist on spraying for beetles are the ones tilting at windmills

To the Editor:

OK, let me get this straight. Short re-cap of Mr. Brooks’ letter, Tuesday, July 9: Excess pesticide pollution, bad; healthy solutions, good. Sounds fair.

Then, the re-cap of the response from the man who “got a chuckle” from this: Trees are dead or dying (true), pollution is funny and let’s pick on the do-gooder.

Huh? He claims Brooks cares more about the trees than he does about people. Sounds like Mr. Chuckles can’t see the forest for the brown trees.

In case he didn’t notice, Mr. Brooks was not defending trees over people, he was defending people over trees. Specifically, people’s health. If the letter writer had realized this, he might have seen that he and Brooks may actually be in agreement.

The fruitless plan to save trees by endlessly saturating them with poison is what can potentially harm people. So, this is not just about “environmentalists” trying to protect “trees and animals.” Mr. Brooks asked for a stemming of this pesticide-saturation in order to protect p-e-o-p-l-e, of which July 9’s writer no doubt is one.

Now, couldn’t we at last move on to some healthier solutions? Would that be so bad? Hurray for And by the way, hats off to Ed Saltzman’s tree-removing efforts. Brooks and many other local citizens and the U.S. Forest Service have been saying this needs to be done for some time. So most are in agreement here.

Finally, with five countries in the world having banned carbaryl due to its toxicity, Brooks is hardly the Man of La Mancha. On the other hand, those of us who keep spraying toxins on trees that are going to die anyway might be the ones “tilting at windmills.”

Bob Thompson

Grand Lake