Grand County to take over maintenance of Pole Creek roads |

Grand County to take over maintenance of Pole Creek roads

Tonya Bina
Grand County, CO Colorado

Commissioners have agreed to take roads within the Pole Creek Valley under the county’s wing, providing both summer and winter maintenance.

The decision impacts about 127 lots with 66 homes, according to data from Grand County Road and Bridge. The eight roads within the subdivision are in accordance with county standards, including asphalt and 60-foot rights of way, which are factors on which county commissioners heavily rely in making road-acceptance decisions.

Already the county had been maintaining Pole Creek roads during the winter and for needed asphalt repair, but the recent decision brings the roads into year-round county maintenance.

The state Highway User Tax Fund, created in 1953 to account for state highway revenue, covers the maintenance of state and county roads. Revenue for the fund is generated mostly from motor fuel excise tax, and the rest from vehicle license and registration fees, drivers’ license fees, court fines and fees, motor vehicle penalty assessments, miscellaneous fees and passenger mile tax. In 2010, Grand County received $2.47 million in Highway User Tax funds.

While Pole Creek gained maintenance approval of its roads at the latest road hearings, roads in other neighborhoods did not.

Commissioners rejected accepting CR 4660 in the Shadow Estates subdivision 13 miles north of Granby due to damaged culverts and a 16-foot driving space, based on Road and Bridge information. The decision affects about 11 property owners.

And in spite of repeat requests from property owners, commissioners rejected accepting 826 feet of gravel CR 6482 in the Lake Forest subdivision due to its narrow width and construction that does not meet county standards. Commissioners did, however, agree to send Road and Bridge crew to the neighborhood one time per summer at the department’s discretion to conduct a general grade of the road. The county also agreed to erect a “no outlet” sign on the road. The decision affects about 11 homes and 16 lots.

Gravel County Roads 5194 and 5194W in the Valley at Winter Park were not accepted for winter maintenance due to lack of crown at the roadway centerline and hydrants that could be buried by snow removal. The road and bridge department also mentioned that “only” five houses are built in the subdivision. Jeff Lipke, representing the Valley at Winter Park, said the homeowners in the subdivision have school-aged children, necessitating reliable roads for getting to school.

County commissioners did accept temporary winter maintenance on CR52, a road off of US Highway 40 south of Granby that the county long-maintained until discovering the road is actually “private,” according to county officials. The county agreed to continue to plow the road while property owners work out details standing in the way of deeding the road over to the county for road maintenance by Jan. 3, 2012, at the time of the signing of road hearings. If not, the county may discontinue plowing the road.

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