Grand County women aim for fun, comraderie in trap shooting club |

Grand County women aim for fun, comraderie in trap shooting club

Kristen Lodge / Outdoor Adventures
Grand County, CO Colorado

Byron Hetzler/Sky-Hi News

GRANBY, Colorado – There are five women in Grand County who have discovered a way to spend a Monday afternoon after work learning new skills, having fun, and enjoying the company of other like-minded sportspeople while shooting a few rounds in Granby.

The captain of the Mountain Women’s Trap Shooting Team at the Crooked Creek Trap Club is Deb Prather. Team members are Marci Bergquist, Karen Johnson, Gretchen Woody, and Tara Bender. They are the all women team: Mountain Girls – Girls with Guns who take part in the 10-week summer league.

In trap shooting, each member shoots a flying clay target with a 12-gauge shotgun that is sprung into the air from a trap.

They take five shots from each station and then move to the next station. It doesn’t look easy hitting the flying targets but as I watch from the bench I can see how addictive and challenging it can be to want to hit each target.

I got the chance to talk to the team and find out why they joined the team and what inspired them to come out to shoot. They all agree: “It’s fun.”

Marci and Tara never shot before they joined the team. This year is Gretchen’s first on a team although she shoots clay birds in her yard. Karen says, “it’s fun shooting on an all women’s team and just getting together each week.”

Deb says that shooting on the team takes her out of her comfort zone. “Each time I shoot it’s a challenge to do better. I like getting tips from the men on the other teams, they help us get better.” All five women admit they are now addicted to shooting trap and blame it all on Deb. She just laughs: “It’s great to come after work and shoot. It releases stress.” Just talking about why they shoot and how they started brings smiles and laughter to everyone. I asked about the team rules. There is only one: Always show up – rain or shine.

They are dedicated to their Monday evenings at the trap club for 10 weeks; no excuses. There are no substitutes needed on this team.

The summer league ended this week and to officially end the season there is The Shoot Off on Saturday, Aug. 7 at the club. They shoot against each other for a trophy.

Deb says some years they have a fall league for five weeks but there is no team in the winter. What do they do in the off season? Hunt – pheasant hunting season starts Nov. 13.

Rod Johnson from the Sheriff’s Team says, “We are happy to have the women come out. It’s great to compete against them, even though we aren’t highly competitive. We all like to help each other to keep it interesting and fun.”