Grand Lake / Business: Water gardens bring relaxation to the backyard |

Grand Lake / Business: Water gardens bring relaxation to the backyard

Cyndi Palmer
Grand County Homes and Properties

Karla Booth of Water Garden Services is a new face in Grand Lake, but not to the water garden industry. Karla has been featured seven times on 9News, the latest was the Friday, May 16, showing of her new water-wise, pondless waterfall in the 9News yard. People can also experience Water Garden Services features in places such as Mountain Foods Market and at the Village Hub, both in Grand Lake.

Coming soon to Never Summer Mountain Products, a pondless waterfall will add a nice element to a dull spot on the boardwalk. Water Garden Services offers commercial as well as residential design, construction, and maintenance on water features.

Water Garden Services is a certified Aquascape installer, showing continued dedication to the latest technology and training. Booth has been building water features for nine years and is well known across the country for her passion and dedication to this industry. If you went to the Spring Home and Patio Show in April and walked through the “Gardens of Excellence,” the Peoples Choice was awarded to Booth’s new company and the one she sold.

The message she has for those with homes on the market in Grand County is this: A home with dead trees, or tree stumps is not the most inspiring of sights. Remove the trees, and either grind or remove the stumps, and add a little piece of paradise to your yard with a naturally constructed water feature. While this water feature may or may not increase the value of your house, it will definitely make it more marketable.

People move to the mountains to live a little slower, more relaxed lifestyle. A water feature creates the prime focus in a yard for just that. Imagine sitting in your yard enjoying a glass of wine, or coffee with friends, listening to a gentle stream watching the birds bathe, and the chipmunks playing, running here and there. Who knows ” you may decide you don’t want to sell your house after all.

Traffic noise, from roads are the number-one selling point of waterfalls. If you are trying to sell a home next to a busy road without luck, Booth highly recommends a waterfall with more volume and sound than the quiet neighborhood. The ideal spot for the feature to buffer the traffic sound is between your home and the road, with the water facing the house. This can be a challenge along Highway 34 by the Three Lakes area, “but with creativity and a waterfall with multiple falls and directions we can direct the water sound pretty good to buffer the road noise,” she said.

To reach Karla Booth with Water Garden Services call (970) 509-0433, e-mail or visit

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