Grand Lake celebrates Moby’s 60th birthday |

Grand Lake celebrates Moby’s 60th birthday

by Cyndi PalmerSky-Hi Daily News

Some say, if Moby stopped talking he could finish playing a song. But it is his charming wit, not his music, that got him inducted into the Colorado Country Music Hall of Fame last Sunday.The entertainer, who started in radio so, so many years ago (ha ha) accepts the honor with modest amusement. It feels good because its with some of my friends, he said of the recognition as the first-ever comedian to be inducted into the Hall. I was really happy with it all. When I looked out into the audience I dont mind tellin you, I was pretty humbled. It made me a believer about what the programs all about.He started playing in 1964, with instruments to include guitar, banjo and harmonica, and the comedy thing just happened. From a homebase around Minnesota, he discovered the Corner Cupboard in Grand Lake in 1976 and hes been playing local places for more than 40 years.Get him in one of Grand Countys cozy cafe corners and he embraces every moment with humor and stories, playing guitar for the same reason he started to accompany The Moby Man character without hiring some kind of band. As a private man, he doesnt like to talk too much about himself. Instead, anyone within view of his warm blue eyes is fair game for family-friendly turns of phrase.They think Im the show when theyre the show, he said. As much as I like to sing songs, its making people smile thats important, Moby said. Im always crackin up somebody, makin trouble somewhere. Up for a tip, his CD is free (Some Songs I Wish I Wrote & Some I Did) and the laughter is a testament he knows what hes doing.Oft times, hes entertained generations of people he now calls friends. Steve Espinoza, who owned the Indian Springs Resort in Idaho Springs for five years and where Moby played, is just one of many. They dont come much better, Espinoza said of his friend. (The award is) well deserved.With about 20 hours of comedy material and hundreds of original songs, Moby said it depends on what day of the week it is to know what hes up to and where. Im sure not in any hurry, he said about any impending glory from the award and opportunities hes passed on. He cherishes being more low-key, relating himself to a speck of sand going wherever its warm.Steve, did you just see that? Your wife kissed me, Moby teases through the microphone, followed by a Patsy Cline cover. Hes at the Fat Cat Cafe in Grand Lake, where he finds comfort in its small-town charm, like all the places across the country hes had the opportunity to entertain, and hell entertain during breakfast there through Sept. 15. This is all I want to do, right here, Moby said as his hand swept the Grand Lake valley. Im happy right here. I consider Grand County my family.Mobys also a regular feature in the courtyard at the Waconda, where owners Doris and Egon Braun are planning a birthday bash for the sexagenarian, who will play a song or two. One more reason to come out and celebrate is Mobys upcoming (spring) album Some Other Songs I Wish I Wrote and Some Other Ones I Did.

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