Grand Lake clarity meetings start Thursday |

Grand Lake clarity meetings start Thursday

Grand Lake clarity is back on the agenda this week as the Northwest Colorado Council of Governments holds the first in a series of meetings to discuss Grand Lake’s designation under the Clean Water Act.

The meeting will be held at 10 a.m. July 27 at the Grand Lake Community House, located in Town Square Park. Thursday’s meeting will be one of several held over the next three years to consider changes in Grand Lake’s designation under federal regulations, specifically pertaining to clarity.

The meeting comes at the request of local nonprofit group Outstanding Grand Lake, which is seeking a change in Grand Lake’s water quality standard under the Clean Water Act from a Tier 2 water to a Tier 3 water. If approved the change in designation would add additional regulatory and legal protections to the lake and would not allow for further water quality degradation beyond current levels.

Grand Lake’s current status, as a Tier 2 water, allows for degradation of water quality so long as the degradation does not change any protected uses for the water body, according to officials from Outstanding Grand Lake.

Officials from Northern Water, which utilizes Grand Lake as the terminus for trans-mountain diversions on the western slope, oppose the move to change the Tier designation for Grand Lake.

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