Grand Lake deals with bears by locking Dumpsters |

Grand Lake deals with bears by locking Dumpsters

To the Editor:

Town of Winter Park, I hear you are having issues with creating this bear ordinance. Instead of creating an ordinance, let me let you in on a little secret some of us have in Grand Lake: Zero bear ordinance and zero bear problems (well, next to zero).

What’s our secret? Instead of using the law to require our citizens to lock up their trash, some have decided as an “unwritten rule” to padlock our Dumpsters in an effort to keep our trash inside our Dumpsters and our wildlife (specifically bears) out.

Sure, this does mean we have to unlock our Dumpsters every time we have a new bag of trash, but it sure beats having to collect an entire Dumpster worth of refuge that was knocked over the night before. For example, we used to have around two bear-related Dumpster dives every week in the summer at our local business (and we aren’t even a restaurant). Once we started putting a padlock on our Dumpster for practical reasons, we have been bear-free.

And the only official phone call we had to make was to the Waste Management so their garbage trucks knew to ask for our key before they collected the garbage. Being a small town community, everyone is understanding.

I ask that instead of going through legal actions that just add an additional suffrage to the Valley Cops’ already overflowing plate, why not agree with your neighbors to padlock your trash. Try this theory out this summer, and please report your findings to the public hearing set July 15.

Zez Ready

Grand Lake