Grand Lake Elementary Students Have Choices |

Grand Lake Elementary Students Have Choices

Doug Goodwin
Grand Lake Elementary School

Painting, baking, astronomy, and bird house-making are just some of the experiential education opportunities that students in grades 3-5 have had the pleasure of learning about at Grand Lake Elementary School.

These “electives” are what are known as choice blocks.

Each Wednesday for an hour at a time, over a four-week block, students sign up for project-based learning activities. This is a time when students have the chance to pursue individual interests.

For students, project-based leaning activities have many positive aspects.

Real-world skills such as peer collaboration, problem solving, renewed curiosity, and a desire to learn new things are just some of the benefits of this time spent. Students learn not only the skills, but also how to be advocates for thier own learning – taking ownership of what they are doing in school.

At Grand Lake, it is the talented and dedicated community members who get to be the teachers during choice blocks. In fostering community connections with local experts, students have the chance to get to know folks around town and to see how one’s individual talents may later lend themselves to a rewarding career.

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