Grand Lake factions must work together for the common good |

Grand Lake factions must work together for the common good

To the Editor:

Please publish this letter for all the warm-hearted, community-minded and generous merchants of Grand Lake who, for the past 14 summers, donated countless goods and services that were awarded to participants and winners of the Buffalo 5K run. I will miss seeing how each of you was able to donate so wholeheartedly to this much loved and respected venue.

I won’t be seeing you this summer. There will not be a Buffalo 5K run to benefit youth programming in the Grand Lake Metropolitan Recreation District. There are other events that will not be happening in Grand Lake this summer as well.

My most sincere hope is that as the Grand Lake Metropolitan Recreation District continues to grow and evolve, that successful and beloved traditions will be upheld as well as embracing innovative new programming. I feel that a community requires many groups working TOGETHER for the common good of all ” recreation, art and civic organizations, the U.S. Forest Service and National Park Service, school districts, fire and police protection, chambers of commerce and many others.

I am reminded of a college lesson in psychology about synergy vs. energy. If 20 people need to paint a house, it is much more effective, time-saving (not to mention fun) if all the people paint together instead of taking turns.

Christie Ann Miller

Grand Lake