Grand Lake may be home to ‘grandest’ street of all |

Grand Lake may be home to ‘grandest’ street of all

To the Editor:At least once a year since 1996 I have had the pleasure of visiting Grand Lake. There I have consistently enjoyed the charming atmosphere, beautiful scenery and phenomenal aura of Grand Avenue, undoubtedly one of the United States finest streets.I tell you this because recently I returned to my home in South Florida from this years Grand Lake sojourn and just a few days later found myself taking in dinner and a movie on another Grand Avenue, this one the central strip in the famous Miami neighborhood Coconut Grove.The evening was pleasant enough. Music played from Cocowalk, an outdoor shopping mall featuring several chain restaurants and shops. Crowds were lively and the weather was warm.Still, the experience left me with little doubt as to where the real Grand Avenue is.Your Grand Avenue, with views of the Never Summers and of the lake, with its boardwalk and hitching posts; with fabulous establishments like The Lariat, Sagebrush BBQ & Grill, Grand Lake Brewing Company, Lilliputt miniature golf, Poncho and Lefty’s, and Dairy King; with the always good Rocky Mountain Repertory Theater, and with frequent appearances by wonderful singer/songwriters such as Arnie J Green, Freddie B, and the irrepressible Steve Cormey, is simply beyond compare.The good folks of Coconut Grove would do well to consider a name change for their central street.Robert SilkKey Largo, Fla.

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