Grand Lake mayor proposes PR thrust to counter Denver stories |

Grand Lake mayor proposes PR thrust to counter Denver stories

After an extensive dialogue with chamber and organization officials in Grand Lake, town trustees opted to not pursue hiring a specialized public relations consultant, the cost of which would have exceeded $30,000.

Grand Lake Mayor Judy Burke had invited Lynn Plage of L.P. Communications LLC to pitch a proposal to the town that would include major public relations strategies, most of which could be in partnership with the Grand Lake Chamber of Commerce.

The mayor did so in response to a recent Denver Post column that called Grand Lake the “Katrina of the West” due to the pine-beetle infestation.

The mayor has since drafted a letter to the editor in response to the column to share how efforts are in full swing to regenerate the vegetation that has been lost.

Another story that appeared in the Post, the mayor pointed out, headlined Grand Lake “muddy water.”

Burke also said she finds it a shame that many people in the Front Range still have never heard of Grand Lake, whereas Winter Park, in her view, is more frequently targeted for the area’s marketing.

In response, Grand Lake Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Sara Sable, along with Gaylene Ore of Ore Communications who commands marketing for the Grand County Tourism Board, outlined what strategies are already in place, adding there is never too much publicity for the town.