Grand Lake mayoral candidate cleared in investigation of election petition |

Grand Lake mayoral candidate cleared in investigation of election petition

Tonya Bina
Sky-Hi Daily News

Mayoral candidate Glenn Harrington is off the hook after an investigation of his Grand Lake election petition.

The 14th Judicial District’s Grand County office found that Harrington, who ran for mayor in the April 1 election, did not deliberately set out to break the rules by acquiring signatures on his petition while others circulated it.

“We decided not to pursue charges,” said Deputy District Attorney Robert Tool. “I didn’t think it was material under any of the statutes.”

An investigation didn’t reveal that anything was done “corruptly” under Title 31 of the Colorado Revised Statutes, he said.

Furthermore, under Title 18 involving perjury, the DA’s office “didn’t have enough evidence to perceive that (Harrington) made a statement that he didn’t believe to be true.”

Harrington signed an oath on the back of the petition validating that he oversaw every signature put on the petition.

In an affidavit signed by Harrington’s opponent, Judy Burke, the DA’s office was prompted to investigate whether Harrington had possibly committed perjury by signing. As many as three or four names on the petition of 15 names had been circulated by someone other than Harrington.

But because by law only 10 of the 15 names on the petition were actually needed to run for municipal office, DA’s investigators concluded on July 11 that Harrington had fulfilled his obligation.

“There was nothing corrupt about it, other than that he didn’t follow the rules,” Tool said.

“The complaint had nothing to do with the issues of the campaign,” Harrington said Monday. “I am trying to obtain the office of mayor by voter action because I trust the voters, not by court action.”

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