Grand Lake – New band debuts at Circle H on Thursday |

Grand Lake – New band debuts at Circle H on Thursday

A blend of bluegrass, country, classic, Southern rock, blues and gospel is set to fill the room at Circle H, Lake Granby, on Thursday.Mike Music, a seasoned performer who got his start in country music in western Oklahoma, is joining Yaniv Salzberg and Mickey Sandora, forming the Mike Music Band. “Having worked with many bands on the Western Slope and developed relationships with many musicians, the Mike Music band evolved into what it is today,” Music said.Lead guitarist, madolinist, banjo player, occasional bass player and vocalist, Music said he tries to bring excellence in musicianship to each performance. Part of that excellence is the gathering of musicians Sandora and Salzberg.”The reputation of both of these musicians is well-known throughout Grand County, the Caribbean and Nashville,” he said.Thursday’s performance, dubbed “Audio & Visual Enlightenment,” features Salzberg on guitar, bass and vocals, as well as Sandora on electric guitar and vocals. “Our goal for the 13th’s performance is to do some really good pickin’,” Music said.