Grand Lake officials say tree-removal law is working |

Grand Lake officials say tree-removal law is working

Tonya Bina
Sky-Hi Daily News

Grand Lake citizens have been busily complying with the town’s beetle-kill tree law since its inception two years ago.

The law states that homeowners must rid their land of dead trees or show the town a multi-year mitigation plan and follow it, or face a summons and fines.

According to a recent memo from the town’s code enforcer Dan Korkowski: The town has sent out 54 letters to homeowners not in compliance over the last two years. Of those cases, three homeowners were issued summonses. Of those three, all pleaded guilty and have either fully mitigated or have a multi-year mitigation they are complying with.

Of the others, 34 have fully mitigated, five are almost done, seven are partially done but adhering to their plan and two are in planning stages.

One tree violation was actually in the town’s right of way and has been scheduled for town removal next year.

Another homeowner could not be contacted and another summons was sent to the wrong person. The correct owner is “gathering information to submit a plan,” according to Korkowski.

“The worst areas have mainly been mitigated,” the memo continues. “A decent firebreak has been established along Portal Road. Also, the new tree kills by the beetle seem to have been reduced – more for lack of trees, I think – and homeowners are mainly taking care of those on their own.”

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