Grand Lake, other waters polluted by pesticides |

Grand Lake, other waters polluted by pesticides

To the Editor:

This letter was written to John R. Stulp, commissioner of agriculture, state of Colorado. No response has been received to date.

Dear Mr. Stulp,

Thank you for having the pesticide enforcement specialist from the Colorado Department of Agriculture, Steve Blundt, get in touch with me about the U.S. Forest Service (USFS) spraying of the pesticide carbaryl at the local parks in Grand Lake … THE HEADWATERS OF THE COLORADO RIVER. Hilltop Park and Point Park both have water on two sides. (See photos of the trees right next to the water that have been sprayed previously by the USFS.) The U.S. Forest Service is also spraying the islands on Shadow Mt Reservoir, obviously with water on four sides. Even under ideal conditions, because of over-spray and drift, some carbaryl is unquestionably getting into the water. The drinking water of the East Slope.

Lenny Brooks

Grand Lake