Grand Lake " Suspect speeds away in, crashes officer’s patrol car |

Grand Lake " Suspect speeds away in, crashes officer’s patrol car

A local suspect recently sped off in a Grand County Sheriff’s vehicle and crashed it in Grand Lake, police say.

Just past midnight on July 14, Grand County Dispatch received a call from woman staying in one of the rooms at the Bluebird Motel on Highway 34 near Grand Lake, according to a Grand County Sheriff’s report.

The owner of The Blue Bird Motel said the suspect knocked on the door of his female tenants and “forced” his way into their room and wouldn’t leave because he was “cold.”

The caller reported that an intoxicated male was knocking at the door and scared her, the report said.

Two Grand County deputies responded and started to investigate the situation.

During the investigation, because of the suspect’s alleged intoxication and because he was uncooperative, the 22-year-old male suspect was handcuffed and put in the back seat of one of the patrol cars, the report said.

About the time the deputies had concluded the investigation, the suspect had moved from the back seat to the driver’s seat and sped away in the patrol vehicle, the report states.

In a short distance the patrol car struck a large rock and a log and came to a stop, police said.

The suspect received some injuries and was taken by ambulance to the Granby Medical Center and then transported to Denver. The suspect will likely face felony charges as a result of his actions, according to police.