Grand Lake to be lauded for taking steps to preseve lake clarity |

Grand Lake to be lauded for taking steps to preseve lake clarity

The Town of Grand Lake has taken a proactive step in clearing up its namesake.

We are lucky to have a natural wonder like Grand Lake ” the body of water ” in Grand County and we should take part in its stewardship.

Grand Lake is the largest natural lake in Colorado and is an original headwaters for the Colorado River, formerly Grand River.

The U.S. Congress went so far as to write language to protect this Colorado crown jewel back when the Colorado Big Thompson Project was authorized.

The source of the lake comes from 13,000 feet in Rocky Mountain National Park.

As such, it should be clear. It should be pure. But it is not.

Lately, the water of Grand Lake is no longer clear and no one is quite sure why.

Could it be the fault of water passing through the lake from the Colorado Big Thompson Project? Or could it simply be the runoff from the town of Grand Lake?

The town has admitted that it could partially be the fault of dirty storm water drainage that picks up oil, fertilizers and other pollutants on its way through town and into the lake.

Dubbed as Colorado’s snowmobile capital of Colorado, the town of Grand Lake sees a considerable amount of downtown snowmobile traffic each winter, spewing their share of oil to be washed away in the snowmelt.

Fortunately, Grand Lake is working to limit the damage with a storm runoff filtration system.

Once the filtration system is installed and working and Grand Lake is less of a factor in the pollution equation, we will better be able to determine if there are other causes for the lack of clarity in the lake.

Grand Lake could spend as much as $260,000 ” about 60 percent of which would be paid by grants ” to install filtration on the existing system that directs snowmelt and rain into the lake.

We would like to thank the town of Grand Lake for taking this step to protect one of Colorado and Grand County’s most important natural resources.

Especially as the landscape is slowly stripped of the beetle killed trees, protecting the clarity of the lake will become even more important as the volume of storm water drainage into the lake increases.

Every penny that goes toward the Grand Lake filtration system is money well spent.

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