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Diana Lynn Rau/Grand Nordic President
Grand County, CO Colorado

Vancouver Olympics Nordic Combined medal winners Billy Demong, Johnny Spillane, Todd Lodwick, and Bryan Fletcher are coming to Grand County Monday, April 18, to talk to school students and members of the community. At the Vancouver Olympics, they won the first U.S. Team medal ever in Nordic Combined plus three individual medals, the first since the silver medal of Kerry Lynch in the 1980s. They will share their Olympic experience and talk about developing and sticking with a training program, pitfalls, rewards, the trials of winning and losing, and the importance of family, attitude, and friends.

The team members plan to visit the Fraser Elementary, East Grand Middle School, and Middle Park High School, followed by a community reception from 4:15 p.m. to 5 p.m. at the Middle Park High School and a presentation to the community from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. in the school auditorium.

A suggested donation for adults for the community presentation is $10. This is presented to the schools free for the purpose of inspiration, and to the community as a fundraiser by the MPHS Adventure Education Committee (in memory of Tim Rau) and Grand Nordic. These funds will help the Fraser Elementary, East Grand Middle School and Middle Park High School Nordic programs continue to exist as partially funded by Grand Nordic and provide funding for the Adventure Education programs like Canyoneering, Hut trips, Sophomore River trip and Junior River trips. These adventures offer such special life-changing experiences at our schools in East Grand County.

Nordic scoop

Winter keeps showing it’s face and the snow piles up one day, blows around, and then melts down into crust. Six or eight inches of fresh powder or a firm crust can become deep slush in an afternoon. Go for the trees when the wind is blowing and the meadows in the morning to find the crust. Whether Alpine skiing, Nordic skiing or snowshoeing, spring can be a wonderful time to be outside.

Keep the sunscreen, hat and sunglasses handy and drink lots of water. Waxes like F4 and even downhill wax keep fresh snow from clumping on the bottom of your skis or in your bindings.

Trash and dog poop left on trails will begin to show up quickly so please take a bag to clean up after you and your dog whenever you are out on public trails. We all need to help. Later as the snow goes away, we will post volunteer days and locations to help clean up trash and help clear downed timber and brush to make our favorite trails and areas safer and more enjoyable for summer activities and next year’s cross country skiing and snowshoeing.

Most grooming has ended on the Fraser to Granby Trail, the top of County Road 87 or Lions Lane in the Highlands into the trails at Granby Ranch. These areas are still good for light touring but parts of the trails are melting out in the spring sun. Be careful of the brown spots – time to bring out the old skis and no wax or klister when nothing else works. Parking is available at all locations. To volunteer or get more information, call 970-887-0547.

Take your own gear and your dog for a light touring adventure to Elk Meadow outside Fraser and climb to 128. Also on the west side of the Fraser Valley departing from Winter Park is Little Vasquez or Big Vasquez. Climb up on the east side of the Fraser Valley via Corona Road as groomed by Grand Adventures and go all the way to the Continental Divide, or take 128 across the mountains.

YMCA Snow Mountain Ranch

The YMCA Nordic Center is closing on Sunday April 10 since it’s time for employees to leave. Nordic director Tom Merkt says the Center will close but, since there is no lack of snow, he’ll keep doing some grooming – no guarantees when or where.

Devil’s Thumb Ranch

Closing date is set for April 17. Skiing Monday through Friday is free until closing. Call 970-726-8231 for more information.

Grand Lake Touring Center

Closed for the season.

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