Grant writing workshop helps nonprofits weather economic crisis |

Grant writing workshop helps nonprofits weather economic crisis

Autumn Phillips
Grad County, Colorado

Seventy percent of nonprofits would rather lay someone off than collaborate with another nonprofit.

“It’s pride. It’s ownership,” said Megan Ledin, executive director of the Grand Foundation.

On Wednesday, the Grand Foundation plans to give local nonprofits a little nudge.

With money tight and over 80 nonprofits in Grand County alone asking for money, the Grand Foundation is hosting a day-long workshop about grant writing and, more importantly, on ways to make the dollars you have stretch ” namely through collaboration.

“There are people out there for you,” Ledin said, “but we want you to reach out to others first.

“There are so many nonprofits with similar missions. Instead of laying people off or closing, collaborate. Combine efforts for fundraising, combine resources.”

Nonprofit leaders in the community will be introduced to each other, to financial resources available to them and techniques for writing effective grants to tap into those financial resources. A portion of the afternoon will be dedicated to discussion of nonprofit accounting and why the way your organize your books could be the difference between “yes” or “no” to your latest grant proposal.

The Grand Foundation has made a commitment in 2009 to give the same dollar amount that it gave out last year ” despite the economy.

They are able to do so, mainly because the money they are giving in 2009 was raised 2008, when the economy was still solid. The Grand Foundation funds its philanthropic efforts in three ways ” through the Grand Foundation Pass program and two large fundraisers, the Grand Gala black tie event May 9 and a golf tournament June 26 and 27.

The news that the foundation is not cutting back will be a comfort to nonprofits who are struggling.

“Fundraising is down 30 percent,” Ledin said. “So, more people are relying more and more on foundations.”

The Grand Foundation plans to host quarterly, day-long workshops on topics of interest to area nonprofits.

“We want nonprofits to know that in this hard economic time, we are here to support them,” Ledin said.

Thirty people are registered for the workshop. Ledin said there’s room for as many as 80 to attend.

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