Green is a journey |

Green is a journey

Marie Hedrick / Green Tips
Winter Park, CO Colorado

There’s a lot of talk about “going green” these days. The green movement is no longer just for Birkenstock-wearing hippies – going green is now mainstream.

Many of us are becoming aware that we can truly make a lasting difference through our actions (large and small). Knowing how and where to start, however, can be a bit daunting.

Quit frankly, it starts with state of mind. Think of going green as a journey … not a destination. Just like any journey you have to have a map, plot your course, set some goals and go forward. Not only will this new path be a discovery of potential savings (of energy and money), you’ll also achieve a sense of pride knowing you’re doing your part to be a steward of our planet and community.

This column will provide monthly tips, advice and simple steps for going green. I promise it isn’t going to be expensive or time consuming. As a matter of fact it’s really pretty fun when you start to see the savings add up.

Do it with your family (kids love a challenge), co-workers, and neighbors. The accumulation of our small steps can make a big difference. Someone once said, “nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something.”

– Marie Hedrick is the owner of Dancing River Consulting and a certified Green Consultant. To learn more go to

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