Group’s goal to make Grand Park pay for recreation center |

Group’s goal to make Grand Park pay for recreation center

This week, the Concerned Citizens group will begin circulating petitions for a recall election of FVMRD board members Beth Sands, Dan O’Connell and Pete Strohecker.

The recall is based on the board’s disregard of their constituants, the recklessness of their actions in the negotiations with Grand Park, and their admitted lack of knowledge of the content of the deed they accepted and the contract they signed.

The Concerned Citizens group has never stated that we wanted to stop construction of this facility. We understand that the bonds have been sold and this is a done deal.

This rec center will be built and it will be built in Grand Park. Grand Park is showing all the appearances of ownership of this facility. Our goal is to have Grand Park pay for this facility.

The first step of this proces is to change this board, their policies and their direction. This board is responible for some questionable decisions that may indeed put the district in unfavorable financial standing with this bond company.

Changing the present board will in no way hinder the construction. There is a construction management company that has been hired to oversee the day-to-day operations.

Once again, I will restate that our goal is to make Clark Lipscomb and Grand Park pay for the Grand Park Rec Center. Does that sound fair to you?

Pat Rupert

Winter Park

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