Health care ‘reform’ just the tip of the iceberg |

Health care ‘reform’ just the tip of the iceberg

To the Editor:

Wondering why the town hall meetings are so contentious? It’s not just because of Obama’s “Health Care Reform” legislation.

Consider the following: We were told that if the Stimulus Package passed, unemployment would top out at 8 percent …it’s now 9.4 percent. Tax revenue receipts are on pace to be 18 percent less than last year. The economy is shrinking in virtually every category that’s measurable. Our government is borrowing more money than in the entire history of our nation: In July alone it was $180 BILLION ($5.8 BILLION per day).

Our 2009 annual deficit is going to exceed $2 TRILLION, which only adds to an already overblown national debt (our accumulated debt). We were told retail sales should be finally going up; yet they were down again in July. Foreclosures hit a record high in July (87,000 homes were foreclosed).

If you believe the White House, the recession is almost over? And now this administration tells us that this “Health Care Reform” bill, this $1 TRILLION-plus boondoggle, will not add to our deficit? Are you kidding me?

By the way, a recent report says that the medical industry spent $30 BILLION last year in malpractice legal costs – and tort reform isn’t even in this health bill. That’s why this grassroots movement throughout this great country is only beginning.

Bob Gahan

Grand Lake