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Heart full of love at Christmas

It’s Christmas time and my heart is overflowing with love.

I feel compelled to write some of my thoughts, so I’ll write them to you.

Evergreens seemingly suddenly pop up everywhere like spring flowers out if nowhere; pine ans spruce coming into their own as they seem to sense the spirit of the day. Venser’s shops filled with eager gift searchers; shelves and counters laden with enticing bric-a-brac; people jostling in the aisles and on the streets, their arms laden with brightly colored packages, apologizing courteously and smiling in sincere kindness and friendliness.

Yes, it is Christmas time. The signs are unmistakable. The crisp air paints the faces to reflect the pleasant excitement people feel. It’s Christmas. The day when young hearts are made glad by tinseled trees and fairy lights, when older hearts are made to rejoice because of a day of gladness and human sympath. No other day in all the year is like this day; no other day when gladness is so abundant and when kindness and love so universal.

Yes, it’s beautiful Christmas time and my heart is filled with love.

Inell Harvey