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Honored to be in the running

Honored to be in the running

To the Editor:

In regard to the May 1 letter to the editor “Ultimate Fishing Town quest smells rotten,” The beautiful town of Grand Lake considers itself honored to be in the running to be the nation’s “Ultimate Fishing Town.” It is unfortunate that negative misinformation has been spread around a friendly competition, which boosts our community’s presence on a national level while recognizing the amazing fishing that Grand Lake has to offer.

We believe in responsible fishing and the appreciation and conservation of natural resources in Grand Lake. What Mr. Penley has failed to realize is that if Grand Lake wins the title of “Ultimate Fishing Town,” the $25,000 prize money is awarded to the Town, not any particular individual. Furthermore, the money could ultimately benefit causes that he states he believes in: conservation; hatchery improvements; signage; and responsible fishing of our well-stocked lake. Grand Lake is an “Ultimate Fishing Town.” It is in our blood. We fish in freezing temperatures on the ice and in the abundant rivers and streams in warm months.

This contest is inherently beneficial to our town, as we have known in our hearts for generations we are “The Ultimate Fishing Town.” We encourage the community to continue to vote worldfishingnetwork.com/uft/vote/grandlake-co.

Samantha Miller

Grand Lake Chamber of Commerce

Grand Lake

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