Hot Sulphur Springs Library Scary Stories Contest winners and E. Grand Middle School Vampire Tales |

Hot Sulphur Springs Library Scary Stories Contest winners and E. Grand Middle School Vampire Tales

Hot Sulphur Springs Library

Elementary Scary Story Contest Winners 2011 (Five 1st Place Stories)

First Grade 1st Place (Tie)= Eowyn Shreve

“Scary Things”

Once upon a time there was a girl and a boy. They were twins. And their names were Sophie and Eli. And after their mom and dad tucked them in, they screamed and hollered. They were hollering about 2 ghosts and a monster because they were scared of them. Their parents came back and then they went back downstairs. Then eyes came out of the twins closet. It was the monster and the two ghosts. The monsters eyes were red. One ghost had lots of lines in its eyes, and the other ghost had bats and pumpkins floating in its eyes. They gobbled the children up and through the rest away that they didn’t want to eat. The parents found the leftovers in the trash can. And they cried. ~ The End~

First Grade 1st Place (Tie)= Aida Hester

“The Fierce Fish”

Once upon a time there was a boy that wanted to go fishing. But his father said NO because he said there was a 10 times million fiercer than a shark fish in the ocean. But the boy didn’t believe him, so he went fishing anyway. And he caught the fish. When he caught the fish, the fish flopped up on the beach and he looked so innocent that the boy laughed and said, “my father was wrong!”. Then he took it home and put it in a fish tank. That night he heard moaning and growling coming from the fish tank. So he went to go check the fish. When he got there the fish jumped out and ate the boy pajamas and all! THE EN

Second Grade 1st Place= Madison Moyer

“The Lake?”

Thar wants were a man who went in the lake for a week. Than he ate sum fish. Than weeks pase bi. Three kibs namde Job, Bob, and Rose. The three kids got called by 10 people than thar was a lake monster! Aaa! Rose scremd ok side Bob aw side Job your scremd hrts my ear. Sory side Rose it is ok side Job people lets get focist ok,ok ok. Wets gowing on thars a lake monster thar saing monsters are not rellistick but how? I do not now? Maby some one drenck chemicals and he or she wet in the water for 1 day or more? But cud this monster cum out of the water? I do not now? The Three Kids went in the lake and now are in sit wach out!! side Bob The monster wate wut thays no monster. Relly yat its finly bi and by he cant git away got you. The mitry is over! Wate ow no more people are calling thar is a nuthe monster. Seres 2? It is in gost conin ow wo im not going nor even for 5 popcorns that a dell ok thay flaw he oley cot 3 of them how i was spost to cach 5 not 3 yam side the bat hay so thay went to gost canyin thay say thar a skellint mom gost will wer going to fin owt relly yep we are Yep we are OK ok so thay went to gost canyon thar is Mr. fedy hi you well I practing for Hollwwn will yaer gowing to jale. The end

Third Grade 1st Place= Lexy Winter

A long time ago, there was a family that went camping deep in the woods. The family was a mom , dad and a 12 year old daughter named Sandy. Sandy was actually an adopted child. That night the parents decided to go fishing, Sandy didn’t want to go so she stayed behind.

When the parents returned to the camp they found Sandy sound asleep. The parents were tired too so they decided to go to bed too. Later in the night the mom woke up to hear footsteps outside the tent. She decided to go look because Sandy was not in the tent. She crawled out of the tent and someone was running towards her she she ran away, it was chasing her so she started screaming, the screaming woke the dad up, so he jumped up and ran out of the tent to find out what was going on, he noticed his wife was gone so he went looking for her. He walked and walked until he found her a few miles from camp laying on the ground lifeless, she was not breathing, she was dead. He had his cell phone and was just getting ready to call for help when he heard something behind him, so he turned around and behind him was his daughter Sandy standing there with her head tilted. The father said “did you kill your mother?” Sandy didn’t answer him she just took a step towards him, so he said ” what happened to your mom, did you see anything?” He noticed she had blood on her, and she had a large knife, she didn’t answer him and started slowly walking towards him, so he took his gun and shot her, Sandy did not stop she still was heading towards him, soo he shot her again and again until Sandy fell to the ground. The father called the ambulance. When the ambulance finally arrived to the camp they didn’t find anyone there, not the mom, dad, or Sandy, they searched all over with no luck. All that was there was the tent, their truck and the fire was smoldering. No one knows what happened to that family to this day, but if you go camping in that same area you will hear the sounds of footsteps and screaming all through the night.

Fifth Grade 1st Place= Makayla Winter


It was a dark stormy night, deep in the woods in a small cabin lived a father and his daughter, Sara and Billy were their names.Sara’s mom had died a few years ago. This paticular evening seemed darker and sorta haunted. All of a sudden there was footsteps outside, crunch, crunch, crunch, this woke Sara up, then she heard a loud booming thud at the window, to her surprise it was not an animal, it was the face of her mom but she had white long, sharp fangs. She was scraching the window with her claws trying to get in. Sara screamed at the top of her lungs. Her dad ran into the room and stabbed the mom in the face, she was bleeding but did not go away. Suddenly the mom grabbed Sara and pulled her out through the window. It had been many years since the mom had seen her daughter so she wanted her. Billy tried to stop her but was unable to, the mom was just too fast, they disappeared into the dark night. Billy looked for Sara for a long time until he finally found them in an old tree house. The mom heard him coming so she jumped out of the tree house, she didn’t look the same as before, the blood that stained her face was now gone and her pretty baby blue eyes were glowing, her fangs were also gone. She stared at him and in the blink of an eye he was knocked down and dragged up into the treehouse. No one ever knew what happened to Sara and her dad. From that day on the cabin and that treehouse is a very scary place to be the 31st of October, sometimes in the still of the night you can hear Sara screaming, and sometimes if your unlucky enough you can see Sara’s mom and dads face appear in your window and hear the scratching of their claws.


Middle School

(6th- 8th Grades)

Vampire Tales Contest Winners 2011 (8 Stories)

Sixth Grade 1st Place= Sydney Ritschard


Hi, I am Leslie. Hannah and Emily are my best friends and we all love acting. Everyone is getting ready for Halloween. Ghouls are hanging from trees, and fog is rolling onto the ground. Jack-o-lanterns are lit and light is creeping out of their carved faces. I said by to Emily and Hannah as my house came into view. It is one week away from Halloween. Hannah is going to be a princess, Emily is going to be a superhero, and I am going to be a cat.

Now it is close to Halloween, and I am going to meet Hannah and Emily at the playground at 8:30 on Halloween night.

Something is a little suspicious; I usually study or do homework with Emily and Hannah every night. This week we walked home together and they disappeared. The next day, when I would ask them where they were, they would just say nowhere and giggle.

It is a dark Halloween night, the moon is full but the clouds are covering it. I am walking through the neighborhood watching all the younger kids trick or treat, knowing I would do that soon. Then something tripped me and I fell into something gooey, greasy, and slimy. “Aaaaah, what is this?” I screamed. Then I heard a familiar laughing. “Dean,” I yelled to my brother, “get me out of here!” Then somebody picked me up and wiped all the slime off of me. I looked back at the contraption that captured me. I saw I had tripped over a cord and fell into a trash bag of slime. Then I ran to the playground because it was after 8:30.

I went into the dark and deserted playground. An eerie fog hung over the place. I didn’t think Hannah would choose such a scary place. Then I heard a bat screech. Behind me the gate closed. Out of the corner of my eye I saw something move. My goose bumps had goose bumps. Then out came somebody wearing a long black cloak covering his or her face. Then they uncovered their face and it was Hannah. “H-H-H-Hannah, I-I-I-I thought you you were s-s-s-supposed to be a p-p-p-princess. ” I saw in the corner lied Emily tied up and gagged. Unexpectedly, Hannah vice gripped me. “Aaaaah!” just as her fangs… Fangs? She’s a vampire! Just as her fangs came down on my neck. Closer and closer they came, when somebody said cut and Hannah’s fangs lifted from my neck. She started laughing and so sis Emily who got up. What is happening I asked? They said we are in a movie.

“We sent those videos of us acting and they hired us. We wanted it to be a surprise for you. Then the director came out and introduced himself. “You are a great actress, now go trick or treating.”

So we went trick or treating. “By the way, Hannah, where did you get those fangs?”

“They are real.” She hissed and Emily and I ran away laughing.

Sixth Grade 2nd Place= Tiffany Lawrence

“Bottomless Pit of Death”

A long time ago there was a science teacher who haunted a school. He died in class when a kid named Ashley tortured him a lot. All the kids forgot about him. But a month later he came to the school during the night and went to Ashley’s desk and carved in her desk saying beware this is the science teacher you made fun of I am coming back to get revenge watch your back! Then he left a little bit of blood. He left the school with a smirk. The next day Ashley came in class with her friends laughing. She went to her desk and screamed! “Oh my gosh oh my gosh” without looking on her desk the students looked at her like she was crazy.

Her best friends came to her desk and read what it said and saw the little bit of blood. Just than the new science teacher walked in, and started lunch count. But Ashley says “Look at my desk! The teacher walked to her desk and saw the writing and blood on her desk. “Ashley you know better not to carve in your desk!” “But but but” Ashley begun but the teacher interrupted

her “no buts go to the office now.” Ashley tried to explain that it wasn’t her and that it was her old science teacher but the principal didn’t believe her.

This night though, the old science teacher went to the school and carved, ‘Ashley is a troublemaker watch out for her or else…’ and left a little bit of blood. And the next day the teacher walked in, sat at his desk putting the science assignments away and he saw the note and the little bit of blood. He said to the students, “stay in your seats I need to call the cops and stay calm.” He called the cops “Hello! You may not believe me but somebody carved in my desk and left blood and I’m really scared!”

The cops came to the school in five minutes and went to the teachers’ desk and saw what was written on there and the little bit of blood. The cops said “you’re under arrest! Ashley started to sob and she said “I didn’t do it!!! Why won’t you guys believe me?!?!?!?” The cops grabbed Ashley’s hands and put her in cuffs and took her to the police car. The cops drove away and drove Ashley to the police station. And she spent a week in jail.

That week, writing on a desk, was the old science teacher who was caught by Cookie, one of Ashley’s friends. She called the cops and the cops came in 2 minutes without the old science teacher knowing and the cops arrested him but before the cops put him in handcuffs the old science teacher bit an officer and the officer saw his fangs and nobody believed the officers but he spent 2 years in jail and Ashley got out of jail. But it was never normal…

Sixth Grade 3rd Place= Emmaline Haffard

“Into the Darkness”

Hi, I am Alaxis Auborn, but you might know me as “The Daredevil.” I am always taking risks, but one day a risk that I took went too far, way too far. It all stared one day at school. My best friend Emily and I were at the cafeteria when Jessica came by and spilled milk on me! She thinks she’s so much better then everyone. “Opps, sorry.” “Ha, Ha” she laughed. “You’re a riot” I told her. “I know you are but what am I?” “She’s such a witch,” Emily said. “Let’s just ignore her” I said. “Okay, well what do you want to do today? Emily said. “Maybe we could get my parents to drive us up to that creepy mountain where “Dracula” supposedly lives, I said. “No, no way I am going up there,” Emily said. “Come on it will be fun.” “Well…fine, we have nothing better to do.” Brrrng, the bell just rang. “Come on, school’s out.” “Let’s go to my house and try to get my parents to take us up to that spooky mountain,” I said. We rode our bikes to my house and knocked on my parent’s door. “Oh hey honey.” My mom answered the door. “How was school”? “Great, um mom, can you and dad drive us up to that old mountain”? “Well what would you want to do up there”? Mom said. “Explore.” “Okay, but wear your jacket and boots, it must be cold up there.” I put on my warmest pair of boots, and my parka. “We’re ready to go mom.” They drove us up to the mountain. “Wow it’s really cold up here,” I said. “I know,” Emily said. Me and Emily got out of the car. “Be careful,” my dad said. “Okay, bye.” They drove off. “Are we really going to do this”? Emily asked. “Yes”! “Now come on”! We were half way up the mountain when Emily screamed, “Ahhh! What’s that”? “Whats what”? “That”, she pointed down the side of the clif. It was a dead body. “Maybe this isn’t such a good idea”, She said. I gulped, “It will be fine, come on.” We were at the top of the mountain when we saw a cave. “Wonder where that leads to” Emily said. “Let’s go see”, I said. We walked into the cave. About 5 minutes later we found ourselves in a room lit up with torches and black cloth hanging from the ceiling. “This is weird”, Emily said. “Tell me about it, let’s get out of her. Hawhaha! “What was that”, I asked. “Did you hear that Emily”? Yo-yeah. Come on, I said, let’s go. Hey let’s go through this tunnel, she said. “Okay”. I took a torch off the wall because it was dark in the tunnel. We made our way through the tunnel. “Do you really think Dracula lives in this mountain”? Emily asked. “I don’t- I couldn’t finish my sentence before we saw the red eyes- hundreds of them, staring at us, “Bats”! I yelled. “Run”! said Emily. We started to run down the tunnel. Then we ended up in another room. This one was filled with coffins and smelled musky. Alexis, I am scared. “Me too,” I said. Scratch, scratch, scratch. We heard a scratching sound. “Emily”? I looked back, Emily was gone. I ran through the two tunnels and outside. I called my parents to pick me up. To this day Emily is still nowhere to be found. Sometimes I go up to the mountain and throw flowers off the clif for Emily. I know she’s up there, but now she’s one of them….the undead.

Seventh Grade 1st Place= Sydney Almgren

“The Vampire King”

Once, long ago, in the land of Great Britain, there was a young servant boy named Morton. Morton worked for the king of Britain, and disliked it very much. The king was cruel and evil, and the wages he made were little. But he didn’t dare complain. He knew the king would beat him, or worse. He once heard that the king could suck the soul from your very body, if you weren’t careful.

One night, right before the full moon, Morton was serving the king his dinner. The cook had really outdone himself tonight. Roasted duck drizzled with cranberry sauce, a deep red soup with bits of meat floating in it, a red pudding with raspberries, and a large goblet of scarlet red wine. Morton walked down the great hall to the king’s chambers. As he got closer, he could smell something horrible coming from the king’s room. It smelled worse than his younger brother’s diapers. Morton knocked lightly on the heavy wooden door.

“Sir, your dinner is ready.” He said sweetly. He heard a groan from inside the room.

“Sir?” Morton asked again. He gently pushed open the door. Poking his head in the door, Morton could make out a faint outline of a body lying on the over-sized bed.

“Um, sir, your dinner is ready. Would you like it now, or I could br-”

But he didn’t finish. Standing in front of him was the most ghastly thing he had ever seen. It had deep red eyes, glinting white fangs, and some sort of liquid dripping from the corner of his mouth. Morton stood there trembling in fear, clueless on what to do.

“I’ve been waiting for this.” The monster said. It grabbed the tray of food out of Morton’s hands and whisked it away. He first gulped the wine down, then the soup, followed by the pudding. He saved the duck for last, licking the sauce off, then gnawing on the skin. The monster did this all in incredible speed.

“Now what I want is something fresh!” he said in a raspy voice. The monster grabbed Morton and tied him with a length of rope. He lifted him and ran into a closet. There, he pulled a rope from the ceiling, and a staircase fell. He climbed the staircase, lugging Morton behind him. Morton was scared out of his wits, so he just let the monster haul him up the rickety stairs.

Once they were at the top of the stairs, the monster tossed him into a corner of the small attic.

“I’ll be back at a quarter till midnight to…” he chuckled. Then he went down the stairs and was gone.

Morton surveyed the room. It was small, and that pungent smell of diapers was very strong. The floor was rotted in some places, and fell away to who knows what. The other corners had things dangling from the ceiling, and Morton guessed that that was where the smell was coming from. But what was it? And what was that monster doing in the king’s room? He was beyond scared, and could only guess what was going on. Then, to his horror, a strange liquid dripped onto his neck, then down his shirt. It was still warm, and smelled slightly of metal. If his hands weren’t bound, he would be tempted to collect it on his finger tips and inspect it closer. But then it hit him. It must be blood! And the dinner that he was to serve to the king, all of those red sauces and wine must be blood as well. Then the thing that had captured him must be a…No! That would be impossible! But it had to be. That thing had to be a vampire. The smell must be the victims that he had murdered.

Maybe even in this room. Those things in the corner must be the discarded corpses from the vampire’s meals. That’s where all of those miss-behaved servants had gone. His friend might even be over there, rotting away with flies buzzing around his dead body. Morton was in the murder room of the vampire. And he was coming back at midnight to add him to the collection of bodies in the corner. He couldn’t let that happen. But he guessed that it was already too late to save himself.

He heard footsteps approaching. It was already time. The vampire crossed over the holey floor and made his way to his prey.

(“The Vampire King” continued….)

“Any last words, servant boy? Before I suck all the blood from your scrawny body?” the vampire asked.

“Why are you doing this to me? Why not someone else, like an animal? Must you kill me?” Morton asked, truly afraid.

“Oh, you have so much to learn,” the vampire chuckled. “I don’t do this out of choice; it is a curse that I am under. This is my food. Blood, preferably human. Now, would you like to join your friends in the corner, or be dumped out of the window?”

Morton gasped. This wasn’t a joke. The vampire came closer. But suddenly, he stopped. “Ahhhhhh! What are you doing, boy?! Are you a witch of some sort? How can this be?” the vampire began to thrash about, clawing at his face. He spun around, and then fell to the ground. In the dark, Morton could not tell what was happening. Something horrible, by the sounds of it. Then he heard a sickening sound of something piercing flesh. The vampire let out a horrible scream and flailed some more.

“Have mercy on me, boy! This poison is too great, even for my immortal flesh! Stop!”

“O-Only if you let me go! And stop eating people!” Morton screamed over the vampire’s howling.

“Deal! Make it stop!” he screeched. But Morton didn’t know how to stop it, or what it was.

“Boy! We had a deal! Save me!” but Morton could only sit there, watching the vampire die slowly, by some sort of poison.

“You will pay! Pay for the deal you have broken a deal with the king of Great Britain!” the vampire king said.

Morton was shocked. That was the king? Did he just kill the king? No, something else did. He wasn’t a witch, was he? The king was lying in front of him, seemingly dead. Morton untied himself, for the binding was not very tight. He slowly approached the dead body of the king. Even in the dim light of morning, Morton could make out the huge body of a black widow, still feasting on the king’s flesh. The widow was the size of a large dog, and had a stream of blood coming from its mouth. The king’s face was bitten in multiple places, and was very ugly looking. Then the king twitched. And he did it again. Now he was convulsing wildly, foam rolling from his mouth.

Morton knew he must get away. The king would be after him shortly. He was certainly not dead, and the spider looked hungry as well.

Morton dashed down the stairs, running through the great hall, and bursting in to the dining room, where the morning repast was taking place.

“The king is a vampire! He is dying by a black widow’s poison!” he screamed to the court. But they all just laughed at him. But Morton knew the trouble they were all in. And he was the only one who would be safe. I was the only one who would survive the vampire king’s wrath.

Well, I hope you have enjoyed the tale about that night I, Morton Weaver served the king his dinner. Quiet a meal, hmm? THE END

Seventh Grade 2nd Place= Maddie Eichler

“Evil Within”

One cloudy evening, I whistled to myself on the walk into the forest. Every day I walk this trail, in hopes for the food that will help me and my family survive. Just where would I get that? Right here, in Wolfsburg Forest.

My family and I are in a pretty tough situation, no food. I have to go out every morning and every night to get food for my family. Not very simple. There are not many animals in the woods at all. Not even at night. The night time is very scary in Wolfsburg, many predators… Many I’m not allowed to say their name out loud.

So, I was hunting. Sitting on a cold, white stone. Waiting. Time was very valuable to me. Time to hunt, time to feed, time to live. A twig cracked. I got my knife out. A rabbit jumped out. I grabbed it and killed with a single swipe to the neck. I love animals, but when it comes to surviving, I need to do whatever it takes. Putting it into my jacket I headed home.

It was already dark; the stars were shining bright and the wind blowed gently at my brown hair. I reached the front door of my house. The shingles were breaking off. Another thing for me to do tonight. I loved the night, no talking and no heat from the sun. I walked in and found my mother and brother sound asleep with the puppy snuggled up to my brother, Damien. Now where was that cat? I heard scratching at the door. That would be her. I opened the door, instead of the small grey tabby, I found a grown man standing there. He dropped a letter then vanished into the night like he wasn’t there.

I grabbed the letter and opened it. It was blank. How strange. I went back inside and screamed. There the grown man was sitting on my table. He smiled at me. His teeth were overgrown, that would mean one explanation. VAMPIRE! I screamed again and ran out the door.

Panting I hid behind a big oak tree. Out of breath I relaxed no sign of him. I started walking back home. I started to feel very sleepy. I slumped down and fell asleep.

I woke up in the morning with a sharp ache in my neck. Just below the vein. I stood up and felt very dizzy. Thankfully, I made it home. I layed on the beat up blue couch and fell asleep. I awoke to the smell of soup. I groaned and stood up looking at my Mom at the stove and Damien at the table, looking eagerly at his plate. It must have all been a dream.

That night I woke with a start, my neck was burning. I jumped up and ran to the water hose. I looked in a piece of glass to see what was going on with my neck. There was only a red

(“Evil Within” continued….)

blob. I smiled in relief. I screamed. My front teeth were overgrown just like the man’s teeth. And my eyes… blazing blue.

I ran to the forest. Not knowing what I was doing I crossed the road, into the city. I saw a group of people. Suddenly I was starving. I hid behind a branch. They were splitting up. My opportunity. I grabbed the first one and brought him into the bushes. I bit him. Sucking in blood, I was stuffed.

Ever since then I have been going to the city for my dinner.

Seventh Grade 3rd Place= Madison Schroeder


Hello, I’m Jonathan Beph junior publicist for Miami, Florida’s morning newspaper, Miami’s hottest news. Here, it’s hot, it’s muggy, and beautiful. Lately, there have been rumors of creatures going around biting people, killing them. Traces of blood have been seen around Berthed neighborhood. I’ve been there before, it’s creepy. Everyone there stays in their houses; either that or no one lives there.

The other day at work everyone was freaking out like something was around us they said that there was something on the outside window. Behind me there were black x’s on the window something had to be there. But how could it have? I work on the thirteenth floor of that building! I was quite scared myself I have to say, who wouldn’t be?

The next day I met a girl about seventeen or eighteen years old. I asked her about what she’d heard about all of the rumors.

I said, “Excuse me ma’am?”

She turns around and said, “Yes?” in a kind of voice as if I was a creeper, which was not my intension to sound like that.

“Hello I am a junior publicist for Miami’s Hottest newspaper.”

“Hi how are you today?”

“Good thanks, I’m doing a story about all the creatures killing people and I was wondering if, “

But just then one of the creatures came out of nowhere, dropping down right on top of the young girl, biting her neck tearing all of her bones out. I started to run I had never felt that way before what was it?

(“Bite” continued….)

Is it following me? So many questions racing through my mind, but I didn’t stop running it felt like I’d been running faster than even before.

That night I couldn’t sleep, all I could think about was her face. Her whipping body as it was eating was the most horrible thing I’d ever witnessed. I felt as though something had been watching me. At that moment I had remembered its blazing white teeth fangs. I knew what it was. A vampire! But this is the type of thing you’d hear about in movies like “Twilight” or something. I started to hyperventilate. Breathing in and out. I had heard of websites to look up on Google, how to get rid of vampires. I went to the computer to look it up but just then, the screen went blank, completely black. I could see a reflection on the pitch black screen, something was walking towards me. I turned around but nothing was there.

For a second I thought I was crazy. Suddenly I felt a sharp, pungent pain in my lower back. It felt like a thousand knives were stabbing me there. My hands felt tingly, so I looked at them they were white as snow. I realized I had been bit but how could I survive this I’d have to be strong. And become one of them.

Eighth Grade 1st Place= Tennessee Anderson


It was a clear night the moon was up high in the pitch black sky. A young boy who was around 13 was walking his dog then he stopped and listened “I hear something Toby I hear something”! The dog said nothing though only wagged his tail at his owner. The boy called out “hello anybody there who is making that noise”? The noise got louder and louder then it stopped. The boy got scared and then started running the other way towards the little town he came from.

“I have come for you boy”, the boy turned his head and then his whole body “who said that”? The voice spoke out “I did”. The black came out of the darkness and the boy saw him in the clearness of the bright moon. “Oh sir do you need help finding your way to the town”?, the boy asked him. “No I do not kid I want you come with me”. The boy got nervous but did as he was told.

He walked with this stranger and held the stranger’s hand. The stranger’s hand was cold as ice and his finger nails were long and sharp. The boy held the dog’s leach in his free hand and told the dog to run home. He let go of the leach while they walked and the dog ran home. The boy asked this stranger “where are we going”? “to my hut and you will meet others like me”. The boy was confused but said no word. They reached the hut and two men looked at the boy “you brought our treat you are now part of the tribe T.J”. The boy was pushed inside the little hut

(Untitled continued…)

made out of wood and stone the windows were cracked or broken the walls were dirty and had cracks everywhere. There was no stove in sight in this strange little hut. The boy looked at the stranger who brought him in the hut and the boy said to him “why did you bring me here sir”? The stranger looked at the boy “my dear I brought you hear so me and my people can feast”. The boy looked and saw a elder man and asked him “why was I brought here by this stranger”? The old man looked at this little teenage creature and the man spoke out in a weak voice “you are our meal tonight that is why you were brought here by my son”. The boy wanted to run now that he understood why he came he wanted to leave. Two men came near this strange little teenage creature and the littlest man keeled down and smelled the boy’s hand and arm. “The boy smells good”. The older man walked over to a counter with one chair and sat down and called to the boy. The boy did has he was told and walked over to the old man and stood there waiting for a answer. “My boy we will not kill you but we just want a nibble out of you”. The boy looked at this old man and the boy said “no you will not have a nibble of me or kill me I want to live a good and healthy life”. The old man got up and snapped his right hand and the boy turned around and saw the tallest man and the littlest man walk over to him. The boy started to run and the stranger who brought him stopped him at the door pushed the boy around and he threw the boy in the middle of the floor. “Now my brothers lets feast tonight bring your childrearing so they can as well”. The two men went away and came back with a older boy and little girl and the children looked at their parents and said “are we allowed to eat this boy”? The men nodded their head with a yes you can nod. The men feasted on the boy the boy screamed in terror and cried and moaned and hissed and cursed and cried once more. The boy was dead the men were full and the children were still hungry but dinner was finished. The next day the cops were looking for this lost boy and found this strange hut in the middle of the forest. One of the cops answered the door the tall man answered “Yes cops how may I help you”? The cops looked the man and said “have you heard of this lost boy named Charley”? “No sir we have not but thanks for asking”. The cops started to turn away and then they came back and shoved the man aside and they barged in the hut. When they walked in they saw a body of a boy that was dead and covered in blood and his right arm seemed to be broken and snapped. The cops looked at this tall man and they said” sir we know that you are a vampire but you do not have to kill the poor boy”. The tall vampire got angry and attacked the fat officer who told him that. Then two more men came out of hiding and started to attack everyone. They reached the town and then started attacking everyone who lived there. Then the people who were left alive grabbed their guns and torches and started a march around their town like a parried.

It was Halloween and the town was like a ghost town more Vampires ruled the town and the people who were still alive did their Halloween celebrations. On every Halloween night the vampires come out and attack any human being left alive.

Eighth Grade 2nd Place= Isaac Hough


One night, about a week ago I was petting my cat on my porch at about 10:18pm when I heard something in the bushes. My cat definitely saw it. He was staring at it. I didn’t know what it was, then my cat went after it. I started yelling at my cat to come back but it didn’t listen. My cat has faced bears, foxes, coyotes, raccoons and moose and always came back unharmed. I hope in this case it would be the same. I ran inside to protect myself from whatever predator was out there. I told my parents about the event that just happened. They were worried just as much as I was. An hour passed when our cat got back. And he definitely did not survive this one. He was bitten in the neck area and had a glassy looking eye. He did not look too hot. We went to pet him and he tried to bite us! We thought he got rabies from a raccoon or something so we went to the vet to get some anesthesia for him so we may carefully take him to the vet. When we got a chance to inject the dose to him we got him, but it wasn’t working, we thought he had given us the wrong prescription but he didn’t. our cat, was a vampire! We knew because of is blood lust and long fangs. We were so terrified! We didn’t know what to do. We called animal control but they said they didn’t work with this kind of things. We called 911 and said this wasn’t really a emergency and were going to send the police just in case. The policeman came and got viciously attacked by the same attacker that attacked our cat. We did not know what to do at all!!!! Our dad got his bow and arrow and held it up at the vampire policeman and shot. We did not want to shoot our cat, thinking there must be a cure. The cats attacker, a vampire bobcat appeared. It wanted to suck our blood. Dad shot it. We were saved. Except we still had our cat. We did not want to shoot him but we did not want to get infected either. It was a painful but we had no choice. We shot our cat so we don’t get the vampire plague and that was the end of it.

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