House shows disrespect by not passing Civil Unions bill |

House shows disrespect by not passing Civil Unions bill

I think it is so sad that the Civil Unions Bill in the House did not pass, this just goes to show that our lawmakers in Washington they show disrespect towards the gay community and our lawmakers show no love towards those who are gay this is so awful because this is about two people of the same sex that love and care about each other, and yes they do deserve the same rights as any heterosexual couples have and look at them living together trying to raise their children just like heterosexual couples, and same sex couples they care deeply about their children and each other, but they are being denied their basic fundamental rights when it comes to the law and their loved ones being in the hospital. The time is coming when we fight to make this pass and baby it will pass one of these days with the help of the human rights commission and all of us coming to together because fair is fair and this is America.

Jessica Rose


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