House to force firefighters to join union |

House to force firefighters to join union

Obama and the Democrats are at it again – taking away your freedom, Colorado state rights and selling out to the unions. In July the House passed a bill that would force every firefighter, policeman and first responder to join a union.

The federal government has no constitutional right and no reason to force all public servants to join a union. This would overrule Right to Work laws in 22 states and would also overrule Colorado’s Labor Peace Law. There is no need for this law. Public servants have no restrictions in any states to collectively bargain with their employers. Public servants have excellent working conditions and they already make 20 percent more than similar private enterprise jobs.

This will raise taxes in all communities, as unions will demand unrealistic salaries and benefits. This type of forced unionism is bankrupting California, Illinois and many other states. Granby’s volunteer fire department will be put out of business. To keep a fire department our taxes will skyrocket, as we will have to pay full time, union wages.

Follow the money, to see why this unnecessary bill is being considered. Unions contributed $1 billion dollars to Obama and Democratic candidates and now it is time for a political payoff. Each new forced union member will also be paying ongoing contributions to the Democratic Party, as part of their dues will be used for Democratic campaign donations.

Our liberal senators keep talking about fighting for Colorado and stopping payoffs to special interests groups. Yet every vote they make takes away your rights, Colorado rights, and pays off the unions. Call your senators today and tell them to vote no for Senate Bill S 3194.

Tim T. Schowalter


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