Howdy, pardner: Group claims West Grand County is part of ‘Republic of Texas’ |

Howdy, pardner: Group claims West Grand County is part of ‘Republic of Texas’

Tonya Binatbina@skyhidailynews.comGrand County, CO Colorado

Apparently, those who live in the Kremmling area could jump this ship we call the United States of America and board the once sovereign and abandoned “Republic of Texas.”Some retirees in Texas are working to resurrect the foregone Republic of Texas, and the western end of Grand County falls within its boundaries, they say. “Certain lands in the Republic of Texas can be reclaimed if people want to be in the Republic of Texas,” said Ed Brannum, 70, who is the “General Land Commissioner” of the Republic of Texas.Grand County Commissioners received a notification two weeks ago from Brannum about this “nation reborn.” The same notification had been sent to about half of Colorado’s existing counties and to Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper. Grand County officials opted to give “no response” to the correspondence.The Republic of Texas, Brannum claims, has boundaries containing 350,000 square miles, from the present-day Texas all the way to Wyoming, based on a map from the mid-1850s when the West was only partially partitioned out.The Republic of Texas was its own nation for about nine years until it was “fraudulently” included in the United States of America in 1845 under a resolution “in the middle of the night during Christmas vacation without the majority of the (U.S.) Congress,” Brannum said. The U.S. did not have a right to incorporate “another sovereign nation,” he said. “We have all kinds of proof that it was all done by fraud,” Brannum said. “And there is no time limits on fraud.”Brannum claims people living within the revived boundaries of the Republic of Texas “have an option” to live within the Republic. The area does not include Grand County’s county seat, but includes past it to the west in a long finger that extends north from New Mexico into Colorado.”Texians,” or people of the Republic, call for no federal taxes, according to a set of Texian tenets. Dormant for 160 years, the Republic underwent a grassroots revival in 2005. A faction of citizens in Texas is working to fill the Republic’s 36 representative seats and 14 senator seats. They have a supreme court justice, district and county judges and a county clerk. “We set up everything exactly as it was in 1845,” Brannum said. Officials meet every Saturday of every month at College Station at Texas A&M University, where they “put together bills or acts.”About 50 to 60 people show up at the meetings, Brannum said. Republic officials are in the process of forming currency – .5 ounce to 1 ounce medallions of silver, copper and gold. “We’re also fixin’ to have a one-tenth ounce gold medallion,” Brannum said.They also endeavor to recruit citizens and property. “We would love to a have a bunch from Colorado,” Brannum continued.Since present-day Texians happens to all be retirees, “We need a bunch of young people,” he said.

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